Important Things To Remember During Preschool Admission in Ahmedabad

Going through the preschool admission process can be stressful for parents. The deadlines, essays, interviews and fees can easily overwhelm you. This is why researching as much as you can do a lot of good. Here you will find the most important things to consider while navigating the preschool admission process.

School Environment

Some parents want structure in their kid’s education while some want them to run around and enjoy while learning. What you want your child’s foundation education to look like will be able to choose the school you want for your child. Schools can be play-based, Montessori, Waldorf and some can be a combination of them all. Some schools change the teaching and learning techniques according to the child’s age. To figure these out, consider visiting the school, talking to some counsellors or teachers available and even check out their teaching methods if possible.

School Tour

A school tour will enable you to visit and have a look at the infrastructure available, how students are interacting with their teachers and with each other. This can indicate the level of engagement and interest that is generated in the kids by the school. You will also be able to see how engaging the teachers are. You want to be sure that whichever school your child goes to, they love it there and have constant motivation to engage and learn.

Parent & Me Classes

Some schools offer Parent & Me classes a couple of hours every week. This provides you with an idea of what the school offers, what the classroom environment will be for your child. It helps your child get familiar with the formal school set-up while you get introduced to the teachers and their styles of instruction. The more you are involved in the process, the better your application will look to the school. Such classes also help the school understand your child and how well they would fit into the school structure.

Counselling And Assessments

The admissions team and academic counsellors available in schools help parents gain a clear, intrinsic and detailed view of how the school works. The best Ahmedabad Schools have established institutions that aspire to deliver leaders. You can arrange for personal interaction with professional counsellors to understand and assess your child’s strengths and capabilities. For students seeking admission at GIIS, this assessment is mandatory.


After you have finalised your school, you need to put together the documents required for admission. At GIIS Ahmedabad, the documentation procedure has been simplified for the parents. In case you require any help with the documentation, you can always get in touch with the admissions team on campus.

This process can be overwhelming, especially if you are doing this for your first child. The best way to ensure that your child gets the education they deserve is to research as much as you can. The more you read about schools, visit them and get a feel, the more you will know what kind of environment you want your child to grow up in.