Important Tips for Outsourcing Software Development in 2021

Outsourcing Software Development Company
Software development and mobile app development have been crucial for any business, as most business work can be handled through a business portal or mobile apps. So developing a portal or mobile app for any business is necessity these days. Developing a mobile app from a local development agency can cost very high, and sometimes, results are also not upto expectations. There are many software development companies around us, but sometimes businesses make mistakes while hiring software development companies and end up having disappointment in their development project. 

In such a scenario, outsourcing software development is quite an excellent choice. A lot of companies are outsourcing IT services to India and other countries. As per A.T. Kearney’s GSLI survey in 2019 for outsourcing software development, India stands first for people’s choice for Web and App Development outsourcing destination. 

Many companies worry about software development outsourcing costs, but in most cases, those costs are relatively lower than the local development agencies in the USA. Many businesses are still skeptical about hiring an offshore development company to outsource their app development or software development project. 

Here are some tips for outsourcing software development to help rising businesses. With these tips, we hope you will get some idea about software development outsourcing. Let’s see those tips for outsourcing software development in 2021:

Top Software Development Outsourcing Tips for 2021

These simple yet useful tips will help you choose the right offshore software development partner. Moreover, you will not have to worry about the outsourcing app development costs when choosing the right development agency. Here’s how to find one. 

Define a clear Scope of Work

You need to define your scope of work clearly as a first step to outsource your app development project or software development project. If you clearly define what you want in your app or portal and how many screens your project will have, then it will become easier for the project managers to decide what technologies you should opt for to develop your mobile app, web app, or business portal.

You simply cannot ask your offshore development partner to “Create an app that users love the most” or “Create an app for our business”. You have to clearly define your needs, functions you want to implement in your app, and other essential things. 

List-down Technologies

After defining your scope of work, you can list down all the technologies you can opt for. You can define front-end technologies, backend technologies, databases, hosting server, etc. When you are clear on what technologies to use, you will get accurate app development costs and duration. Moreover, listing the technologies will make it easier to find your offshore development partner.  

Suppose you want to create a business portal that lets you manage your inventory, bills, order tracking, etc. then you may choose Liferay for portal development, HTML/CSS/JS for front-end development, PHP for backend development, and MySQL as your preferred database. Listing all these things will make the project leader understand your requirements, and you can get an accurate time and cost estimation. 

Find out and shortlist companies

Now, as your technologies are defined, you just have to search for a development agency that has expertise in your chosen technology. For example, if you have chosen Liferay to build your business portal, then you can simply search “Liferay Consulting Company”, and you will get the results. You can choose some of those companies from the search results to shortlist some companies. 

While shortlisting those portal/web/app development companies, you have to make sure that they have worked in your defined technology for enough duration and possess decent experience in that particular technology. You can’t merely shortlist any company without having a look at their portfolio. So, you have to check their portfolio before shortlisting your offshore software development partner. 

Check Company’s Presence and Reviews

After you are done with shortlisting your software development partner, you have to check business reviews for each shortlisted agency. You have to check their portfolio, their business reviews, and everything else. You can simply search “ABC Corporation reviews” on the search engine, and you can find reviews on,,, or any trusted site that displays honest reviews.

Looking for positive reviews is important because you want to make sure that the app development company you are hiring has made its client’s business easier with their app development solution. If you see more negative reviews than positive reviews, then that’s a red flag, and you should eliminate that company from your shortlist.

Discuss App Development Cost

After eliminating enough companies you selected, now you may have a couple of companies remained that you may hire for your next project. Now, it’s time to discuss development time and costs for your project and make everything clear about your project development. You have to choose a hiring model to hire developers that develop your app or portal. You can choose fixed-cost hiring, per resource hiring, per hour hiring, and per month hiring as your hiring model. 

You have to clearly define everything, including your pricing model and any other charges. When everything is clear, like app development duration, cost, delivery date, and release date, then you can sign the contract and pay the development company any advance.

Discuss Post Development Support

Now, this comes as the last tip for your software development outsourcing project. You have to ask for post-release support from your offshore development partner, whether they provide support through chat, email, or call. Discussing support is equally crucial as discussing anything about the project Because some companies hardly answer their clients once the project is complete. So, make sure they provide support through every medium and their helping hours. 

So, don’t forget to ask for post-development and post-release support, as whenever anything goes wrong with the app, all you can do is ask for their support. So, include support in your Scope of Work itself, if possible.


If you follow the above-stated tips to outsource software development projects, you will find a pleasant development agency to work with. Finding the right web development agency offshore is not an easy task, as you may come across a lot of not-so-pleasant-to-work-with companies. But, you will find the right web development agency you have always been looking for when you follow these steps. 

To conclude this blog, we can say that this blog will help you choose your right outsourcing partner and help you develop the web application or mobile app you always dreamt of for your business. If you are already looking for an offshore development company, then INEXTURE is the best place. It is serving in the IT Industry for the last six-plus years and still going. You can contact us or drop an email at if you have any queries about software development outsourcing. Feel free to Skype us on bde.inexture and we will gladly answer all of your questions ASAP! See you there!