Indian students are opting for academic studies in Dubai

Dubai, the Capital of Dubai Emirates is known as one of the more important hubs for knowledge by providing job opportunities in various fields. Indian students have been known to choose this place as one of the most preferred destinations among others. This happens because of reasons like affordable tuition fees, hospitality, and business opportunities.

The Knowledge and Human Development Authority has declared a 5-10 year long residential visa for all students across the globe. Indian students might find this situation beneficial to flourish and business opportunities.

Exposure in various field of education

Dubai is one of the most flourishing economies that creates a big pile of job opportunities. There are several industries in Dubai that appeal to the best talent across the globe from all walks of life. Dubai is also known to be a perfect place for studying various fields such as tourism, hotel management and media studies.

Emerging Global City

Dubai is a promising economy for young graduates and entrepreneurs. Indian students have such a vast array of opportunity here from sustained investment for business and innovation, media, information technology and so on. any one who is looking for a dream job should consider Dubai as a perfect place to start.

Student friendly education policies

Education policies in this city make it so the tuition fees are really attractive even to Indian Students. An average student would be paying double amount of money for the same course in any other country. A vast majority of western universities have their campuses established in the UAE that provide the same degree with a substantial lower amount of tuition fees.

Cultural diversity

Dubai is known for its inclusiveness and hospitality. Living in this place will get you close to the Emirates tradition. You will find a lot of Indians have settled in Dubai because of how friendly and welcoming this place is. Because of the same reason you will also get to witness a piece of almost every culture existing in the world as members of those cultures will be found here just as easily.

A service driven economy

The powerful service driven economy Dubai has provides every business opportunity from banking to telecommunications. Various projects such as Dubai Media City and Dubai Internet City are brining both communication and technology to Dubai in the Free Zone.

Employees in UAE are at benefit from a completely tax-free salary as Dubai does not taxes income.


The growth of education institutes in Dubai has created a market for various programs as most Indian students are opting to study in Dubai. If you can, then you should consider your options in Dubai as it would be one of the best places to start from and climb up the ladder of success. If you do make up your mind, make sure to research thoroughly so you do not face any hassle on your way to settlement in the city.