Influence of oxytocin intranasal spray on intimacy and other functions

Oxytocin is a hormone that is produced in the hypothalamus of the brain by the pituitary glands. Oxytocin plays a significant role in developing and maintaining social and intimate interactions. It also plays a function during labor, lactation, post-delivery, etc.

Oxytocin intranasal spray and intimacy

  • Studies have shown that oxytocin helps to increase arousing and libido during sexual intercourse, especially in women who are breastfeeding.
  • The use of oxytocin intranasal spray by people has experienced and increases the intensity of orgasm, happiness, and sexual satisfaction.
  • Effects of oxytocin intranasal spray are promising when used to amplify sexual desires and joy.
  • The use of oxytocin intranasal spray by men has helped to improve their masculinity and enjoy sex more.
  • Oxytocin intranasal spray is a substitute to Viagra for men, which is used by them in order to get a longer, lasting, and infallible erection that helps them to get more intense orgasms.
  • Research has shown that men who used oxytocin intranasal spray before having sex with their partner were likely to feel more satisfied after sex.
  • Using intranasal oxytocin can help men who are too tired to seduce their women at night. It ensures erection in front of any woman.
  • It helps to resolve disagreements between the couple and promotes the feeling of mutual understanding.

Other uses of oxytocin intranasal spray

  • Oxytocin intranasal spray helps users to feel more empathetic and less aggressive towards their partners.
  • Intranasal oxytocin helps to reduce stress and anxiety.
  • It helps trigger uterine contractions during pregnancy at the time of labor.
  • Intranasal oxytocin helps to reduce bleeding after the delivery or termination.
  • It is used by doctors to induce a termination or miscarriage.
  • Intranasal oxytocin helps to improve feelings of trust, altruism, openness, warmth, etc. When interacting with people.
  • It helps to improve self-perception.
  • Delivering intranasal oxytocin can help users to keep faithful with partners.
  • Intranasal oxytocin helps people to observe the facial expressions of other persons more intensely.
  • It can help to treat social problems such as postpartum depression, autism, and phobia.
  • Taking intranasal oxytocin may help to improve personal and interpersonal well-being.
  • Doctors believe that people who are introverted and are afraid of trusting others can be helped by oxytocin intranasal spray.
  • Oxytocin intranasal spray can help those who have anger issues. It can help them by managing anger.
  • It can help to treat irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).
  • It is known to be useful in order to prevent intestinal injury caused by chemoradiotherapy.
  • Intranasal oxytocin may help to treat problems such as alcohol and drug abuse.

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