Is Online Yoga Teacher Training Worth It?

Do you have a wish to become a proficient yoga instructor? But because of numerous obligations, you hardly have some time to go to a yoga institute to learn yoga. You have one reliable option left with you. An online yoga teacher training can help you fulfill your wish of becoming a yoga teacher.

The whole world is moving digital, which proves that online yoga teacher training will not be a short-term trend. Most of the yoga studios nowadays are preparing online yoga training programs that are also not inferior to any in-person programs. Most of the yoga centers do tests or exams to make sure students are ready for teaching in a yoga class. But getting trained as a yoga teacher online is not that easy.

Whether you decide to undergo yoga teacher training online or in-person is one of the life-changing commitment. Nowadays, the minimum total duration for yoga training is 200 hours, popularly known as a 200-hour yoga teacher training program. The most crucial things are choosing the right teacher, plan along with a price that suits you best for you.

Now the question that might come to your mind is whether an online 200 hour yoga teacher training course worth it? The problem is tough to answer with a yes or no. Instead, it all depends on the person’s individual choices, requirements as well as circumstances.

While for some people, it might be the only option to be a yoga instructor, and for others, they wish to get certified as it is convenient, consumes less time, and is not very expensive. On the other hand, some of the yogis do not find online yoga teacher training interesting. Instead, they prefer in-person and face to face interaction offered in any yoga school.

Your commitment, dedication, and practice also decide how much worthy is online yoga teacher training program.

Make a careful assessment of several options you have. Weigh up the benefits against the disadvantages and choose what type of learner you are actually. Make a comparison of various online yoga certification programs based on their learning approach, teachers, and focus. Take enough time to reach the perfect decision that is right for you.

  • You should know the instructor better: To make your training truly worthful, you must do a lot of research before finalizing your yoga instructor. Never make the mistake of investing in an instructor who hardly knows anything. Get to know the yoga instructor well before you start your training. Check out the instructor, go through their reviews, and have a chat with them over the phone. Some of the concerns you must know about the instructor are


  • From whom are they trained?
  • What are their passions?
  • Is there magical training in the modern world?

It’s best if you would prefer to speak to one of their former students. An honest yoga instructor would never hesitate to share details of its former students with you. It is necessary to know that your chosen yoga instructor is a good fit for your training.


  • Proper planning and high flexibility: Another essential thing is adequate planning and reliability before getting involved in any online yoga training. An excellent online yoga training offers live calls, and community building aligns with one coaching besides giving online training. You should not choose a training program that includes few pre-recorded videos. Doing interaction, getting feedback and discussion through online calls, and closed forums are not valuable. So, check all call times and try to determine how many are required to obtain your yoga teacher training certificate.

Whenever you miss any of the sessions, check whether there are provisions for recorded live calls for you to watch later? Talking about schedules, you need to check if there is any guideline for sending in your course assignments. Setting deadlines is often useful because they make you accountable, and without a deadline, it may take years to finish a small task.

  • Have a sneak peek: If possible, inquire whether you can see any of the training material. Are they being presented well? Are they looking professional? Or do they look as if it was smacked together in a word file? Make a query to observe the chapter of their manual or a module or a workbook page, whichever you are comfortable with. The more you know about the training program, the more you will know what to expect from the program. Through this information, you can see whether you are a good fit for it or not.


  • Access to materials without any limitation: Online yoga teacher training is filled with powerful and engaging lectures. Most of the yoga institutes are providing a recorded version of it to their students. Because of this, you get unlimited access to all materials. This helps you review all previous material and go deeper into all knowledge and wisdom offered to you through training.

Moreover, an online yoga teacher training program facilitates you to view, review, rewind, rewatch and fast forward all sessions. Isn’t it great! This is a benefit that you do not get during in-person yoga training.


  • Online yoga teacher training easily fits your busy life: This is one of the most significant benefits you get through an online yoga teacher training program. You can attend sessions anywhere you want, be it your home or beach or any cafĂ©. You can easily listen to your videos during your morning travel or while making dinner, or when your kids are sleeping.

A training program to be a yoga teacher through online mode fits easily into your daily life. There is no requirement to add extra commuting or hire a babysitter and no need to make out a large amount of time off from your work schedule.

Thus, a well-planned online 200 hour yoga teacher training course is worth it. It gives you suppleness, community, and easy access to things whenever you want them. Never allow peoples to confuse you by saying that online training programs are less valuable.