It’s a New World: 5 Reasons Online Marketing is Perfect for Expanding Your Dental Practice

It’s a New World: 5 Reasons Online Marketing is Perfect for Expanding Your Dental Practice
It’s a New World: 5 Reasons Online Marketing is Perfect for Expanding Your Dental Practice

Whether you are seeking new patients, diversifying treatments, or looking to increase sales of a particular type of treatment, your marketing strategy will help drive the type of growing your practice needs

It Streamlines Marketing Expenses

Effective digital marketing solutions will provide extensive data on exactly what brings patients to your practice. Embracing dental marketing software like Patient Prism will provide your practice with call tracking software which will show what marketing channels are bringing leads and potential patients to your practice.

It’s a New World: 5 Reasons Online Marketing is Perfect for Expanding Your Dental Practice

The upshot of this means that you can channel funds to the precise marketing avenues that are proven to work. This means you can spend less on marketing to achieve the same, or better, results, saving your practice money.

Your Practice Can Reach New Markets

One market that is often overlooked in the dental industry is patients that have a fear of the dentist and do not regularly visit a practice. Establishing an online presence via social media marketing is a way to connect with these patients.

Effective social media marketing that makes your practice appear welcoming and accessible will encourage those with a fear of the dentist to reach out with their questions or concerned. Maintaining a strong social media presence with real comments that show compassion and sympathy will go a long way in reaching this market.

You Can Channel Marketing Efforts to Only Connect with Local Patients

Local search optimization techniques are a useful tool for dentists looking to reach more local patients. This method of marketing creates a narrow focus for online marketing campaigns to only target those living in a certain area. For a small local practice, this is a valuable and effective form of community-based marketing that offers extensive benefits and can drive local expansion.

It Helps Increase Patient Retention

Online marketing is not just designed to attract new patients when used effectively, it is a good way to ensure repeat business. If someone hasn’t paid you a visit in a while, a well-timed marketing email or a phone reminder might be just the nudge they needed to book their annual checkup and pay you a visit.

For patients who have had more extensive procedures, online marketing campaigns also offer an opportunity to provide follow up care. Personalized digital marketing can target a specific group of patients that had a procedure around the same time and can send them a courtesy follow up email checking on their progress. This level of customer care will be appreciated and will drive repeat business.

Videos Can Promote Specific Treatments

If you have established what your most profitable treatments are (and you should have), then you will want to promote these treatments as much as possible to maximize revenue. One of the best ways to do this is through videos.

In a Google survey carried out among 700 healthcare administers, they found that every customer that had purchased elected treatments or services had watched a product demonstration ahead of time. By producing your own video content detailing new services and promoting specific treatments, you can capitalize on the new generation of patients that want to visually see the product first and boost patient leads and inquiry calls coming to your practice.


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