IVF Center in Jaipur for Infertility Treatments

Being a parent is the most beautiful experience and memorable experience in a couple’s life. They remember every little detail about their moments with the little one and cherish those moments throughout their lives. The feeling one gets by holding a little one in their arms is one of the purest forms of love. But some couples still dream of being a parent due to the infertility issues they face. It makes them anxious, stressed and a lot of emotional imbalance is seen in the couples who are not able to conceive successfully. But the good news is that infertility is curable in both a male and a female as told by Dr. Namita Kotia the head and director of the best IVF centre in Jaipur.  

Aastha fertility care is the most trusted IVF centre in Jaipur to cure all your infertility issues under a single roof. The IVF centre in Jaipur started in 2005, and to date, they have been working hard as they bring smiles to patient’s lives. The IVF centre in Jaipur is easy to reach and is situated in the centre of the city, which one can reach by public and private transport easily. The  IVF success rate of the hospital is almost 90 per cent and the hospital provides one with quite affordable and effective IVF solutions for all the infertility issues. 

Infertility treatments –

A lot of medical treatments can significantly help and improve the chances of conception. The treatment includes a lot of medications, surgeries, and hormone treatments. Different treatments are used at different times to cure specific infertility issues. Some of the common Infertility treatments are.


This is generally used to diagnose the uterine cavity. This process is used to treat a lot of infertility issues such as the uterine septum, submucous, intrauterine adhesions, etc.

Laparoscopy (Diagnostic and operative)- 

This is a small surgical process to cure infertility, in which two thin incisions are made around the belly button and then the pelvic region is examined. 

IUI ( Intrauterine Insemination)- 

This process places sperm in the cervix in a woman’s uterus when she is about to ovulate. This increases the chances of conception.

IVF (In Vitro Fertilization)- 

This is the most popular and effective procedure to cure infertility, especially for curing damaged or blocked fallopian tubes, genetic issues, premature menopause, etc. The procedure is favourable to those who want to go for surrogacy. 


This helps in getting the inner view of the vaginal cavity and checking the condition of the fallopian tube. This helps in getting a clearer view of the status of the womb and gives the exact issue which is causing infertility. 

Why go for an IVF treatment over other infertility treatments

The procedure Of IVF is extremely effective and has a success rate of 43-53 per cent in the first cycle of the procedure. The main advantage of IVF treatment is that it can be used at any age and time in accordance with the couple’s preference. This especially is a benefit for all those couples who are extremely career-oriented and want to start their families late. The key of the procedure is that couples with same-sex or women who don’t want to conceive a baby by themselves own self can take the help of surrogates or gestational carriers. 

If a couple who is above 40 or above them can take the help of donor sperms and donor eggs. Because as the woman grows older, her quality of eggs decreases. This is the most likely procedure for all couples who want to conceive after menopause. To get an effective solution to all your infertility problems at any given age one can trust IVF procedure, and to get the most trustworthy IVF centre in Jaipur which provides you all the  Infertility treatment facilities such as IVF, hysteroscopy, laparoscopy, IUI, sperm, and egg conservation, etc. one should try Aastha Fertility care, Jaipur.

The success rate of the IVF procedure-

The success of the IVF procedure is dependent on many factors (varies from couple to couple), which when studied together can give an exact number. A lot of things such as the age, past medical history, condition of the patient, quality of egg and sperm that is used in the process are some factors that determine the success of IVF. But as per general data, it is found that a woman under 35 has 54.5% chances of live birth. While a woman lying in the age between 35 to 37 has a 41.1 per cent chance of live births per egg retrieval. And for the women who are laying in the age group of 38-40 the chances of live birth per egg retrieval is 26.7 per cent.

What exactly is an IVF process?

The process is used by a couple so that a woman can conceive successfully. In the process, an artificial environment is created outside a woman’s body which is ideally created so that sperm can be successfully fertilized with the egg. The egg used in the procedure totally depends on how fertile the woman is, if she is fertile enough her own eggs are used, else the eggs of the donors are used to conduct the IVF procedure. The fertilized egg is then placed in the incubator for some days where it grows and divides under idle conditions and when it is ready to be transferred, it is transplanted back into the womb. 

If the patient herself is not ready to bore the child until pregnancy due to any personal reasons, she can take the help of a surrogate or a gestational carrier. The implanted egg only gives positive results or is only successful if it attaches itself well to the inner lining of the uterus. The confirmation of a successful pregnancy is only given after a week or two of the procedure. A blood test is conducted to check if the woman is successfully pregnant or not. If you are looking for an IVF centre where you can put your trust and can get highly successful and great results, you must try Aastha fertility care, they are known for their work in curing infertility and are one of the best IVF centres of Jaipur.

Why choose Aastha Fertility care?

This IVF centre in Jaipur has created its own reputation and name in the field of curing infertility and has been declared as one of the best infertility centres of Jaipur. The hospital started in 2005 in Jaipur, IVF specialist, Dr. Namita Kotia is the head and the founder of the IVF centre and since then she with her team is creating successful IVF results and bringing joy to their patients. The hospital is known for the beautiful, caring, giving, nurturing environment they provide their patients, throughout the process. The success rate of Aastha Fertility care is around 90% and patients are extremely satisfied and happy with the results provided by them. A lot of patients have shown their gratitude towards the hospital for giving them the perfect solution which can be checked on the testimonials section of the hospital.

“Madhu, a patient of Aastha Fertility care from London, is grateful and happy as she is blessed with twins. She is extremely joyful and thanks to Dr. Namita Kotia and her staff who were so helpful to her throughout the process. The hospital is known for the emotional care they provide their patients throughout the process “

The IVF hospital has taken a lot of awards in their name by a lot of renowned personalities for their great work in treating infertility. One can book an online counselling session with the IVF hospital for further queries. To know more about the hospital and the services provided by the hospital one can check out their official website aasthafertility.com and book appointments with the best IVF centre in Jaipur.