Katie Price: A Goddess in Her Own Right

Katie Price: A Goddess in Her Own Right

Katie Price has sure left a spiritual stamp in our era.

I have followed her career, love life and dramas, since the age of sixteen. She yet continues to bump up headlines and create a media stir in whatever she does. One thing for sure, the woman never goes unnoticed. After watching her on the programme Katie Price: In Therapy, I’ve come to assess her as a goddess in her own right. Criticisms out of the way , she’s more than a sex symbol , media princess but a wake-up call to spiritually awake people. Strip Club Name Generator

The spiritual side of Katie Price
Her determination and undisguised persona shows us that if we too were not abashed for speaking out about what we want in life and speaking that into existence we may just as well get it.

She is known to be a larger than life character, but Katie Price also has a spiritual side.

In the book Conversations With God and Eat Pray Love, we are given the notion that God resonates within us and for us to have the best life, we must believe that God is us. We are all particles of the same God.

Even Dr. Wayne D. Dyer tells us that we are God, because we come from the same source and that we cannot separate from.

Must I go on?

But anyway some may argue this is all egos but it’s fair to say Miss Price is one not to be afraid of her brightness. She said that she wanted to either be a pop star or a model and that was it!

Katie Price’s adamant pursuit of a soul mate
Her love life has been massively turbulent. I mentioned Kieran Hayler in my article ‘You Attract Who You Are’ because It highlights that her soul was made ready for her experience with him. At thirty seven she has attractive the rebel she once was, along with her father’s adulterous behavior. Because she is now a mother, she may be mothering his reign of terror.

Plus Peter Andre to me was her core soul mate. When they met on I’m A Celebrity back in 2004, they both were very similar; so much so, that they clashed. As she says they both admired and looked up to each other, hey both were at a spiritual crossroads when they met. Now although they’ve split, their children will continue to keep an everlasting bond between them.

Alongside Andre, her other boyfriends to me were just preparations for the bigger loves of her lives. The ones, who hurt her, were the ones who steered her attention to were the work needed doing. Heartbreak made her more vulnerable. They stripped her right down to her soul.

For more, check my article: Patterns and Preparations

“For better or worse, he was my soul mate. The other half of me. In many ways, he was my reflection”

-Sylvia Day

Katie Price is never afraid to challenge traditional gender roles
My judgement of the soul is gender less, colorless and limitless.

In all her books she speaks frankly about her sexuality and kiss and tells about all her men. She gives it the ‘thumbs up’ for other women to not be afraid to do the same. She makes it seem normalised rather than shameful – the concept of being a woman and having a multitude of relationships.

She pushes the boundary here: If a man was to do the same I’m sure it would be seen as brave and funny. I’m glad Price does. Even in essence to money, she is the breadwinner of her family, she’s even admitted to paying for dates and even ex-fiancée Leandro Pena’s engagement ring.

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