Know How To Safely Use Your Credit Card Online

Using your credit cards online allows you to make purchases without any hassle. However, what you do not realize is that you are risking your sensitive information. The consequences of sharing your credit card details online are – getting your accounts hacked, your identity stolen, and your emails spammed. 

Although you cannot avoid the possibility of being a victim of identity theft, you can significantly reduce such risks with awareness and willingness to take necessary precautions while using your credit card online. 

Here Are The Top Ways To Ensure That Your Credit Card Transactions Are Safe


  • Use your credit card on trusted websites


When using your credit cards online to make purchases, you will have to ensure that your connection to the website is secure. Keep an eye on the website address – it should start with “HTTPS” instead of “HTTP”. Web addresses with “HTTPS” indicate that they are authentic, and your transaction is encrypted, preventing anyone from stealing your sensitive data.  

A golden piece of advice would be to avoid clicking on websites you receive visa emails. Generally, these links redirect you to websites set up for fraud. Instead, type the URL of the website in your internet browser. Also, make sure to read the reviews of the website or app before making a credit card payment online.  


  • Do not use public Wi-Fi 


Public Wi-Fi networks are targeted by cybercriminals every day to steal sensitive information. When you purchase public Wi-Fi, the hacker intercepts your data while being transmitted. This way, they can easily access your credit card information and other sensitive data, such as account number, password, etc. 


  • Never store your credit card information online


If you are using a website multiple times in a month, you want to save your credit cards information and conveniently make purchases whenever you visit the website. However, it can put you at a higher risk of identity theft. E-common websites are targeted every day, and if your preferred website is compromised, you will likely become a victim of fraudsters. So, always fill in your credit card details every time you buy something online. 


  • Check the security setting of your electronic devices


It would be wise to keep a tab on the security settings of your computer and mobile devices every few days. Hackers may take advantage of the lag in the security system of your computer’s browser to steal sensitive information, such as your name, date of birth, credit card number, passwords, etc. So, it is crucial to check the security settings of your electronic devices from time to time to prevent scammers from infiltrating your devices. 


  • Install antivirus software on your electronic device

Another way to save your transaction is by installing the most recent and reputable antivirus and antispyware software on your computer and mobile devices. This way, you protect yourself from hackers and identity thieves. 


  • Always save your credit card receipts 


While making a credit card payment online, it would be wise to save your purchase receipts or print a copy of them. It enables you to compare the amount on your receipts to the amount on your credit card statement and make sure that the total is a match. If not, you can raise a dispute with your bank.  


  • Inform your bank if you lose your credit card 


If you misplace your credit card while being on the go or receive a message on your phone about an authorized transaction, intimate your bank immediately. You can visit your nearby bank branch or call on their customer care number. Your issuing bank will block your credit card, preventing any fraudulent activity, and your bank will issue a new credit card under your name and transfer the balance to your new card. 


  • Never share your credit card PIN or OTP 


Your credit card comes with a 4-digit PIN  and chip technology that protects your data in an encrypted form. It ensures the safety and security of your transactions. Whether you are making a purchase or not, do not share your credit card PIN with anyone – even the person identifying himself as a representative of your bank. Keep it confidential at all times. 

Bottom line

While making a credit card service payment online, you may lose your sensitive information if you are not careful. However, following the above-said tips can protect your credit card online.