Know the Difference between Canvas Paintings and Paper paintings

The canvas paintings and paper printings are quite different from one another, but they are equally attractive in all terms. But there are certain variations that one needs to consider when it comes to choosing the right painting or wall art for the house décor. Depending upon the personal taste and style needs, the house owners can decide on choosing the right artwork.

In this article, you will know about some of the possible benefits and disadvantages of both Canvas painting and paper paintings that will help you decide on buying either of it.

Paper Paintings

Paintings on paper are traditional options that were earlier used by the artists. Paper printing, no doubt, has the best aesthetic look and is stylish with several textures and finishes. Mostly the artists make use of 100% mat paper for executing the art, and then they frame it to create an appealing finish. Here are some of the pros and cons of paper paintings used for the house décor.


  • It comes with a traditional look and appealing exposure.
  • The wood moulding for the paper printing adds an elegant look to the house or office rooms.
  • There are many paper paintings with detailing that would add more elegance.
  • Fibre-based papers are highly used for the painting works that makes it shinier.


  • Light reflections are high with paper paintings.
  • They usually come in a smaller size that would not be feasible for the bigger walls.
  • On opting for larger sizes, you need to pay more and are quite heavy.
  • You need matching frames to make the paintings look more appealing.

Canvas Paintings

As there are certain disadvantages of paper printing, people are often trying to come up with Canvas Painting ideas to avoid those errors and flaws. Canvas painting adds more important elements to the artwork that adds glamor to the house décor aspects. You can comprea prices and buy any floral art print or paintings .  Here are some of the pros and cons of the Canvas Paintings that will help you explain why it is better than Paper Paintings.


  • No chance of reflections due to light or glare problems.
  • You can opt for the larger sizes without paying a too hefty price.
  • The weight is comparatively less than that of the framed paper paintings.
  • The frameless presentation of the canvas paintings makes it quite appealing.
  • Multi-panel options can also be availed.
  • They are also meant for use in the bathroom to add glam.


  • Some textures can be too clumsy.

Now, you have a clear idea about the paper paintings and the canvas paintings on behalf of which you can decide on which one to go for. So, make sure that you decide on the best option  which you can explore on art gallery like fame and get yourself the best house décor.