Know the methods to fix the LiveUpdate problem

Norton is a top antivirus program that offers lots of premium tools and services for security. Installing this antivirus will help you to work on your system without any concerns. Norton has a special feature known as LiveUpdate. This feature provides regular updates to your Norton. In account for keeping your device secure, antivirus needs to get updated regularly. The LiveUpdate feature updates your Norton when available. But sometimes the LiveUpdate feature gets into some error. If the LiveUpdate is not working then your Norton antivirus showing the LiveUpdate error. Users have to troubleshoot the LiveUpdate for keeping the Norton antivirus robust.


Reasons behind LiveUpdate error:

  1. Internet connection is not stable
  2. Missing Norton antivirus program files
  3. You can a malicious program which is conflicting with Norton
  4. Another antivirus is restricting Norton LiveUpdate
  5. System junk is corrupting the update process


Resolving Norton LiveUpdate error:


Check the internet connection

The user requires an internet connection for the Norton antivirus live update. If the internet is not stable then the update will not install on the system. Whenever the Norton LiveUpdate fails, you should check for the connection. If your connection is not stable then connect the system to another access point. When you get a smooth connection, try to reinstall the update on your system.


Remove all the junk from your system

Norton LiveUpdate issues can occur when temp files start showing conflicts. These files are usually harmless. But sometimes they may start conflicting with your other programs. You need to delete the temp files from your computer to prevent any kind of conflict errors. Open the computer and remove all temp files. Other than these files, if you have other junk then also remove them. You can try running junk cleanout on Windows. The Windows cleanout tool can check for all the files and then remove all the accumulated junk from the system. You can directly access the junk cleaner tool by running the cleanmgr command. It will inspect all your files and then remove the junk. Once you clear all your junk then try to run the Norton LiveUpdate.


Remove all third-party programs

People often install third-party or pirated programs on the system. These programs provide free access to premium tools. But there is nothing for free. If you are accessing the tool without paying anything then you are also losing something. These programs can steal your data and can use your device for various inappropriate jobs. When your antivirus tries to stop them; they start conflicting with it. Whenever your antivirus shows an update or any error; check for the unreliable programs on the system. If you have any of those software programs installed on the system then remove them. Go to your programs list and uninstall all the third-party one by one. After removing all the unreliable programs, scan your system and then try to install the update.


Undo the changes on your system

Many Norton users reported that the Norton LiveUpdate is not working after they made some changes to the system. This issue occurs when the user mistakenly changes the incorrect files. If they have made some invalid changes on the update and security settings then they need to be reverted. Go to the tab and undo the changes you have made on your Windows devices. If you remember the settings then run the system restore tool. This tool will undo the changes easily. Provide the restoring point from when you went to restore the settings. Run the tool and all the changes on the system will be restored. Now go to Norton and try to run the LiveUpdate.


Uninstall another security software program

When you have another antivirus or any type of security program; your Norton may start showing update issues. You need to remove that program for fixing the update error. Uninstall it from the system and then you can go for Norton update.


Reinstall your Norton setup

When the updating error is appearing due to corrupted files then try reinstallation. Repairing the corrupted program files is not easy. Instead of editing the program files; reinstall the setup. Delete the program files and uninstall the corrupted setup. Now go to your Norton account and reinstall the setup.