Know Why Are Silestone Worktops Perfect For Your Home


The kitchen is the heart of your home so it is only right to design it in the best possible way. A countertop has the ability to bring out the best of your kitchen by enhancing the appeal and functionality of the space. The equilibrium between the two things should be maintained by your kitchen worktops so that you could enjoy cooking in a safe and secure environment. And Silestone worktops are the multi-taskers you have been looking for all this time.

With more than 90% of quartz and 7% of other raw materials and binders whilst also staying elegant and sophisticated, it is impossible for anyone to walk past a Silestone kitchen without being in awe. Grandeur, longevity and a prestigious name in the market, Silestone countertops are an all-in-one.

Turns Your Kitchen into a Work of Splendour

Whether you want to add a traditional touch to your kitchen or a modernistic one, either way, Silestone countertops never fail to amaze you. The richness in the colours palette available and the plush textures, all combine in the most unique ways to create countertops that are no less than art-works.

With a wide range of options and designs to select from, you can even get your hands on the customisable worktops, leaving infinite room for your imagination to kick in.

Durability Makes Your Kitchen Ever-Lasting

Worktops, both function and appeal wise, are an integral part of your kitchen. They lay the foundation of your space, which can be utilised by you in any way. You can use it for cooking meals, preparing a feast, shelving utensils and crockeries, placing heavy-appliances, etc. Therefore, your worktop must possess the potential to bear everything, from the sharp edges of a knife to the compressive weight of machinery.

Silestone worktops, as you might have guessed, are highly resilient to stains and scratches. Easy to take care of and maintain, they do not pose much of a hassle for you and can last for years.

Hygienic And Environmentally Friendly

As per the US Environmental Protection Agency, even worktops can emit massive amounts of radon into the surrounding, thereby degrading the air quality of your house. Thanks to the marvellous Silestone countertops, your kitchen remains a safe and toxic-free environment.

Moreover, porous surfaces increase the possibility of bacterial growth, which is often invisible to the naked eyes and might continue to thrive deeper into the material even after cleaning with a cloth. But again, Silestone countertops come to your rescue since they are non-porous and hence, extremely hygienic.

What else do you need in a kitchen worktop besides strength, flexibility in styling, ability to meet hygienic standards and create a quality place for you to live in and relax? Affordability? Silestone is the perfect material for your kitchen worktops then.

A piece of beauty that does not hurt your pocket, Silestone excels in every single way possible. With your kitchen being a place where every guest wants to steal a glance at, Silestone countertops will never let you down.

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