Kochi State get 5 New Catamarans

India is a country that is surrounded by 3 oceans from the bottom. At the east, it is the Bay of Bengal, at the west, the Arabian ocean and at the south, there is the Indian Ocean. This is why the coastal line of this country is long enough to develop tourism by the sea coast. Kochi is one of the most popular destinations for sea lovers. People come to this city to enjoy the natural beauty of the sea.

The port city of Kerala gets the proximity to the Arabian ocean, and whilst it might have the beauty of the Croatian Coast, it’s still incredible to sail down. Therefore lots of water rides and sports arrangements are there for the amusement of the tourists. Catamaran ride is one of those entertainment means which are very popular among the tourists.

The State Water Transport Department of Kerala has now decided to replace some of their old catamarans with some of the new ones which pose new technologies along with more advanced facilities for the riders. In this connection, they are going to get 5 new catamarans by the early weeks of next year. The State Water Transport Department of Kerala was looking to replace the single hull steel ferries and bring new ones in place of them as per the director of the agency Shaji V. Nair. In this process of exchange, they have already received two catamarans this year. This plan was taken into consideration soon after the accident occurred near the Fort where 11 people had lost their lives.

As per the schedule of maintenance, the catamaran ferries have to get to the shipyard for routine check-ups every 50 days. After the two new vessels, the third one is on its way to dive into the water to carry the passengers. The standards of these catamarans are as per the advice of the Indian Register of Shipping and they will be able to carry nearly 200 people at a time.

The Kochi Passengers association is also demanding for some of such ferries to operate from the Mattancherry boat jetty fabric sofas. The authorities of the Kochi Passenger Association have stated that the State Water Transport Department of Kerala is not looking at the matter for five years; the ferry service is not operational from the Mattancherry boat jetty. It has been one of the most disgraceful matters for the passengers as well as the officials that they are not being able to serve the passengers. The tourists, as well as the common people of that area, have to walk through a long road from the Customs jetty to the Bazaar Road daily for their work. With all of these, a lower number of busses and other means of transport have taken the matter towards worse conditions.

In response to the appeals of the passengers as well as the other authorities, the State Water Transport Department of Kerala has decided to increase the number of ferries so that the common people can get proper services. They have also stated that they are trying to increase the depth of the Mattancherry jetty as well.