Latest SEO Trends for 2021 To Rank Your Website

Following the pandemic and the related circumstances of the digital era, a lot has changed in the field of digital marketing. Both avenues of marketing, namely organic and paid, have witnessed revolutionary changes in their functionality as well as implementation. Search engine algorithm (algo) has evolved as Google pushed its focus towards the improvement of user experience.

Recent updates have proved how SERPs are becoming strict in eliminating non-original and useless content. Depending upon interaction and engagement analytics, search engines are encouraging webmasters to provide substantial information online.

For those who’re looking to rank their website in 2021, either hire the top digital marketing agency Dubai has or start researching. In both cases, here’s a couple of things you should know:

Prioritize Mobile SEO

Even if the desktop version of your site is in bad shape, prioritize mobile SEO. The percentage of users that are using mobile phones is increasing significantly. However, things aren’t as simple as they used to be.

Earlier, you only had to provide a generic interface that loads quickly and proves easy to navigate and voila, your site was ready for mobiles. Whereas now, you need to make sure that apart from all this, the site should also have authentic, unique, useful and engaging content and an interface that proves attractive and attention-grabbing.  

If your website has APIs, make sure that your application is available in every app store and all your redirects work. The game is to retain as much traffic as you can.

Content is Key

The importance of content in modern SEO has increased substantially. We’ve come a long way from keyword cannibalization and stuffing content. Nowadays, not only do you have to incorporate user experience and engagement, but you also have to focus on user intent.

The intent of the user while making a search is significant because it distinguishes informational, transactional and social needs. Whether a person is searching for more information on a particular topic, looking to make a transaction or searching for social engagement, search engines try to deliver relevant content.

To try and find loopholes in algorithms is redundant because the power now lies within the hands of the users. Quite literally, a user’s interaction with your website will show search engines how useful your website is for that particular query. If the user isn’t satisfied, this will factor into your rankings.

Generating Authority and Credibility

The terms, domain authority and credibility have sporadically become common in all digital marketing conversations. While these metrics haven’t been endorsed by Google itself, almost everyone uses these signifiers to refer to the same thing. And that is a website’s value in the eyes of its users in light of the content that is on it. Simply put, if your website serves as a reliable source for information on a particular topic, you’ll have authority and credibility pertaining to that query.

For a brand or business, this is vital not only because it helps gain the trust of clients and audiences, but also because your brand won’t reach its potential unless it’s trusted. This clearly means that businesses that’re not establishing a trustworthy online identity are wasting a lot of opportunities.

Incorporate Infographics

All forms of multimedia are encouraged when it comes to displaying information online. Thousands of studies have shown that users are likely to trust information that is displayed graphically or through interactive content such as videos and pictures.

It’s no secret that content, regardless of how engaging it is, can become boring and that’s where your multimedia comes in. People find these to be more entertaining and easier to comprehend as compared to long textual data.

Providing content that is entertaining, catchy, interactive, engaging enough and in a format that is easy to share is key to ensuring high traffic. Your content will automatically be shared across thousands of devices if it proves useful in the eyes of your users.


Digital marketing involves organic and paid marketing in search engines as well as social media platforms. Regardless of whether Google verifies the importance of social SEO, it’s known to work in favor of businesses and brands that employ it. Furthermore, hiring agencies for social media marketing Dubai will only increase your chances in this regard. So, don’t factor anything out and work on every avenue possible to generate quality backlinks through credible content.