Latest Trends About Wedding Venues

Latest Trends About Wedding Venues

In the coming years, the latest trends in the best wedding venues will be centered around small, intimate ceremonies. Most wedding venues will have a limit on the number of guests that they can accommodate. However, there are ways to create an intimate feel in a large space. One option is to use technology, such as Zoom, to let secondary guests tune in to the event.

Flora-and-Fauna Appliques

Flora-and-fauna-inspired appliques can be a great way to bring nature to your wedding. This design can be used at a variety of venues. Some venues even offer potted floral arrangements. Other platforms feature large floral arrangements designed by professional floral designers. These designs can define your space and set the tone for your big day. For example, one bride and groom opted for peony and eucalyptus displays. Another used voluminous garlands with pampas grass to give the display verticality.

Multisensory Elements

There are many ways to make a wedding more sensory-friendly for guests. One way is to use lighting and scents that will appeal to various senses. Using strobe and LED lights may be too harsh for those with sensory difficulties. People with epilepsy, PTSD, and narcolepsy are especially sensitive to flashing lights. Make sure to communicate to your guests that these are optional and that there is a separate area for guests who have trouble with flashing lights.

Live scenting and effects are also excellent ways to provide a multisensory, engaging experience and make a lasting impression. Live events provide the perfect opportunity for multisensory effects to engage audiences, create an exclusive atmosphere, and leave a lasting impression. Scents and wet effects can be programmed to interact with visuals and music, creating an environment that is unique to the event.

Inside-Out Weddings

This year’s wedding trends are focused on creating a unique experience for guests. Couples use a wide range of sensory elements to create this unique experience. One example is the Duchess of Cambridge’s decision to scent Westminster Abbey with Jo Malone candles. More couples are adding alcohol-free options to the menu. The sober curious movement fuels this trend.

In 2016, couples will seek more eco-friendly options, nude color palettes, and minimalist designs. Entertainment is an essential aspect of weddings, and teams are spending more money on entertainment than in the past. Expect to see live bands, fortune tellers, and dancers as part of the entertainment. Many couples also opt for destination weddings, where music is an integral part of the event.


In addition to traditional photography, videography is also becoming increasingly popular. These wedding videos can be shared online and serve as an instant movie of your big day. You can share highlights of your special day with friends and family who can’t attend. Choosing a videographer is an important decision and should be carefully considered.

Wedding videographers offer several packages. You can select one that includes up-close shots of your special day, individual moments of your guests, and a highlight reel. You should discuss your video ideas with your videographer, and don’t hesitate to ask them for suggestions.

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