Launch Multi-Service Business in Nigeria with Gojek Clone App

Gojek Clone App is that One Single Platform where you can offer 70 Plus On-Demand Services. Seems interesting! And trust me, you’re going to love how American Couple Mr. and Mrs. Jones enjoyed their 3-day work trip to Nigeria for the very first time. From their experience, we can say that they are already planning their second trip to this Beautiful Country of Nigeria. Even though their Trip has ended, they cannot forget Nigeria’s Lively Streets, Colorful Art & Culture, and the Charming & Welcoming People. Oh wait! And of course, their favorite App of all time – Gojek Clone.

Let’s see what they did on their 3-day Work Trip to Nigeria.

Day 1

The couple was all tired and sleepy because of their 19 hours Flight from Miami, Florida to Abuja, Nigeria. So, they decided to stay in their luxurious hotel – Sheraton Abuja Hotel until evening. At 17:14 GMT, they decided to Book Moto Rides through the App and explore the Local Nigerian Street Food. So, they booked the rides separately to the Wuse Market from their Hotel. They reached the market within 10 minutes and paid the Drivers 412.80 NGN via their Gojek Clone In-App Wallet.

The App gives you the option to choose your Preferred Language, Currency, and Payment Methods, thus both of them paid for the Moto Ride in Dollars. But, the Moto Drivers received their payment in Nigerian Naira only!

In the Evening Market, both of them enjoyed almost every famous Nigerian Street Food like Moin Moin, Abacha, Zobo Drink, Suya, and Meshai!

Day 2

Mr. and Mrs. Jones love Art, and when they are in Abuja, how can they not visit one of the best Art Galleries in the city – The Thought Pyramid Art Centre? They loved every masterpiece created by the 117 Artists, but one of them caught their eyes. It was a painting of a pretty Nigerian Girl wearing a Bright yellow Gele with hundreds of mesmerizing blue Papilio Zalmoxis, the giant blue swallowtail butterflies flying around her. They thought the painting was perfect for their Living Area. So, the couple purchased the painting without giving a second thought about it!

It was almost 13:00 GMT! They had to rush to Transcorp Hilton Abuja to attend the meeting with their Clients at scheduled at 14:30 GMT. Well, they obviously couldn’t carry the Painting with them!  Thus, they decided to book a Parcel Delivery Service on an App like Gojek. Mr. Jones quickly selected Parcel Delivery and added in all the details such as the Pickup and Delivery Address of the Parcel, its Size, Type, and the Fragility level. He used the In-App Voice Note and Instructed the Parcel Delivery Driver to deliver the Painting to Sheraton Abuja Hotel’s Reception.

While they were on their way to meet the Clients, Mr. Jones got an In-App Push Notification. The notification said that their Parcel was delivered to the Drop-Off location in just 20 minutes!

Day 3

Mr. and Mrs. Jones had an Early Morning meeting with their Clients at Transcorp Hilton Abuja. And on the same day, they had to fly back to Miami at 23:30 GMT Their meeting was over by 13:35 GMT, therefore they had enough time to do some Shopping! Because su soyayya al’adun Nigeria!! So, they took a ride to Mama Africa Art and Craft Market in a Keke. The couple bought some traditional Kayan Ado, Mundaye, Aso Oke, Duwatsu, Da Dashiki!

Their hands were packed with shopping bags! So, Mrs. Jones suggested that they should book a Taxi Ride back to their Hotel. She opened her Gojek Clone App and Booked a Ride from the Market to the Hotel. When the Taxi arrived, the Driver greeted them by saying Sannu! ya ya ka ke? Such a happy and warm greeting made them want to stay a bit longer in Nigeria!

Well, the trip ended and Mrs. Jones paid the Taxi Driver 2,007.70 ₦ in cash.


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