Launch of apple business essential service

Apple unveiled a new subscription service on Wednesday with the aim of assisting small-business owners in managing the Apple devices used by their employees. This is an amazing approach and initiative for small business owners. Although some of the users are very excited and some others are still learning and gathering knowledge about it.

To understand this approach thoroughly, we all are aware with the management softwares of Microsoft. Apple’s Business Essentials service is similar to management software that companies like Microsoft or VMware sell to large businesses for setting up and securing their fleets of phones, laptops, and tablets. However, Apple’s version is designed for businesses with 50 to 500 employees with a small IT department or none. This number is ideal for small businesses, but if your team size is less than 50, you are not eligible now. Now it comes to device and cost, depending on how many devices a company wants to manage for each employee, the service will cost between $2.99 (roughly Rs. 222) and $12.99 (roughly Rs. 966) per month per user.

Small businesses are critical economic pillars. Apple Business Essentials saves small businesses valuable time as they grow. Apple Business Essentials is a comprehensive solution that simplifies employee onboarding by allowing a small business to easily configure, deploy, and manage Apple products from any location. The service, which is currently in beta, assists small businesses throughout the entire device management life cycle, from device setup to employee onboarding and device upgrades, while also providing strong security, prioritized support, and secure data storage and backup.

There is one more announcement from Apple. Apple will also offer a service to repair or replace broken hardware at a business within four hours for an additional monthly fee, though the company has not yet determined to price for that service. It is a bonus gift from Apple for its user who are willing to manage their small business. Businesses can add prioritized Apple Support for employee devices to provide fast and dependable service. Employees can start repairs directly from the new Apple Business Essentials app, and an Apple-trained technician can arrive onsite in as little as four hours to get their devices up and running again. When a company adds AppleCare+ for Business Essentials to its plan, it gets 24/7 phone support, IT administrators and employees training, and up to two device repairs per year.

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According to Susan Prescott, Apple’s vice president of enterprise and education marketing, there are more demands on their time as they grow. And this could be in place of running the business and doing the things that need to be done.
According to Maribel Lopez, founder and principal analyst at Lopez Research, the combination of management software and a repair service subscription is unprecedented in the industry. No doubt that competition is very hard in the technology and telecom industry. Apple is one of the most reliable names in this industry. This new update will introduce a change for sure.