Build the app of your dreams- Make it possible with Dream11 Clone App


Fantasy cricket apps like Dream11 are ruling the world with their brilliant technology consisting of colourful graphics and animations. The eye to details to the developers makes it more fantasising. Recently, our day to day activities consist of everything but going to the outside world due to the pandemic. The world on one side is dying, and on the other, it is developing through digitalisation and advancement in technological aspects.

These fantasy sports apps are the one-step solution to clear boredom and gain attention from a massive crowd because the love for cricket and other sports are always soaring. There are no chances to play outdoor games for a while, so entertainment indoors has become crucial. While hunting for entertainment, have you ever thought of creating your own? Because why not when you can?

Dream11 Clone app can become a significant source of entertainment and receive all love from cricket fans throughout the world of sports. Love for cricket is endless. Bringing it virtually on the phone, with all the precise details, makes it more interesting. You can launch your Dream11 clone app, which, as mentioned earlier, is a fantasy sports app.

Impact of Fantasy App Like Dream11  in the market

Going through some statistics, we can know that the Fantasy sports industry currently in 2021 is USD 109658 and is expected to generate USD 33.2 Billion by 2025 with a CAGR of 13.2%. By 2020, the industry hit RS 16000 crores. In 2019, as per research, over 85% of mobile users played fantasy sports, out of which 7% were Indian users.

Vital ingredients to make a hot app as Dream11 Clone

The market for Dream11 Clone App is high. But why develop mobile applications instead of a website? Because mobile app users are very high compared to websites. Investors can expect a high ROI. So how do you design and develop fantasy sports apps?
When it comes to designing, it is essential to add data and statistics as the app users are data-driven. The presented data should be easy to understand. As the user enters the app, the user’s interest should be trapped within 5 seconds through the app design and further explored.

Using the newsroom’s inverted pyramid strategy, one can analyse the kinds of users. There are three categories of mobile app users: The first kind is curious about the app and sports, the Second kind expresses genuine interest in the app, the Third kind is the die-hard fan of the app and is a regular follower of the app. Keep visual elements subtle and no more than seven when the design can cramp the visuals and cause confusion.

Next comes the development part of Dream11 Clone:

Creating and launching apps have certain essential parts: cost of development, selection of a developer, requisite features, maintenance and upgrades, and risks. Beyond that, the other aspects that cover the development of apps like Dream11 are website design and app design. Websites contain all the necessary information one needs to know; they provide information the apps do not carry. Users visit websites for knowing information. So, having a website can educate interested users.

Apart from providing revenue, the app should earn the owner good revenue. It would be best if you framed the plan to monetise the app. Monetisation channels can be in-app purchases, in-app advertising, subscription, upfront purchase as paid downloads etc.
Focus on Ads as the primary monetisation channel. It results in instant payment for the application. Secondarily, subscriptions to the apps monthly or yearly can fetch revenue despite half of the users avoiding initially. Still, in the long run, it will fetch many users.

As mentioned above, in-app purchases, offering coins and goodies for a price, are a way to source money and provide rewards and bonus points. An app should have some basic features: user login, user dashboard, landing screen, league arena, admin dashboard, user accounts manager, report manager, contest manager, live group chat, payment modes, selection of tours, winnings and achievements. The programming languages depend on the kind of app you want to design.

The development of the apps involves design and wireframe, which includes good UI/UX experience, backend development that includes visual elements and attributes of the app. They create coding scripts for the smooth flow of applications.

Choose your developer wisely

As we know, these bring the app together. A medium to develop the app is necessary. By choosing the best mobile app development company, you can develop your fantasy sports app and launch it successfully. The team of developers offer personalised Dream11 clone app solutions and tailor the app based on your needs. Contact Turnkey Town for any enquiry.


Take advantage of the pandemic and focus where the market is in favour. Launch your Dream11 clone app today.

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