Learning to Ski in the UK during Covid-19

Learning to Ski in the UK during Covid-19

As a ski holiday might be off our radar this 2021, there’s still an opportunity to fall in love with the sport in the UK. Learning to ski requires lots of thought and practice, and as we all have much more time on our hands now, we can dedicate that energy to practising, thinking through our newly learnt skills, and even practice these skills right here in the UK… Don’t worry this will be explained upon. Read on for more information about how to learn to ski in the UK during Covid-19.

Goodbye beautiful wooden chalets, hello UK

We might have had to wave goodbye to skiing in the likes of Switzerland, France, Canada… or anywhere overseas at the moment, but this doesn’t mean that you need to write-off the idea of learning to ski. In-fact learning to ski on home soil right now might actually be a perfectly sensible idea. Grasp the basics, go home and think about everything you’ve learned, revisit and lastly, perfect those skills ready for many ski holidays in years to come.

Although the UK might not be quite as picturesque as a ski resort in the alps, the UK is home to a handful of Ski centres but also indoor and outdoor ski slopes. One such is Chill Factore, Manchester. As the longest indoor ski slope in the UK at 180 metres in length, there’s plenty of room to take a ski lesson, but also put your skills to the test with a lift pass. So we’re here to shine a light on why an indoor ski centre like Chill Factore in the UK is a brilliant place to learn to ski during the covid-19 pandemic.

Reasons why to learn to ski in the UK right now

  1. Don’t have to catch a plane
  2. Strict Covid-19 secure measures are in place
  3. Much more time to practice!

Don’t have to catch a plane

As foreign travel is pretty much all over the place at the moment, with many countries shutting borders and airlines reducing the number of flights in and out of countries, learning to ski in the UK allows you to travel with your family or support bubble, reduce your contact with others and allows you to save time travelling.

Learning to ski in the UK at a ski slope that is wide and long also allows you to remain socially distanced with others. If you fall over learning to ski, make sure you get a family member to help you up if you can’t do it yourself! This helps limit your contact with others!

Strict Covid-19 secure measures are in place

Many ski and snowsports centres across the UK have strict Covid-19 measures in place. Chill Factore, for example, has the Visit Britians ‘Good to Go’ industry standard, meaning that it adheres to all of the Covid-19 guidelines they have in place.

As ski centres are big and vast, they are fortunate to have a lot of space for social distancing to take place. They also have many sanitization facilities and have adapted their way of operating to make sure most importantly, that you are keeping safe.

Much more time to practice

Those who have been on a ski holiday will know that after you’ve had your ski lesson for the day, you’ll have time to practice your skills learnt on your own, however as you are learning day, after day, after day, with no real break in between, there’s not much opportunity to take it all in.

By learning to ski in the UK, when you’ve finished your ski lesson, you’ll have time to reflect on what you have learned. One of our top tips is to practice on dry land. Draw attention to your posture, to your stance, the way you turn and practice in the kitchen or the living room. Please don’t put your ski boots on and skis and try to ski in the home!

Learning to ski in Covid-19

Skiing doesn’t have to be cancelled in 2021. Instead, viewed as an opportunity to learn something new for many ski holiday adventures to come. Instead of jumping on a plane, you can visit your local ski centre in half the time it probably would take getting on the plane!

Why not give something new a try during Covid-19? There’s still time for enjoyment to be had!