Legality of 4D Private Number Plates

Legality of 4D Number Plates

4D private number plates are the latest design of number plate across the range of styles and designs currently available for number plates in the UK. They most definitely give an improved aesthetic appeal to your car, and make you vehicle’s number plates stand out. 4D number plates are made up of either 3mm or 5mm thick black acrylic characters that are bonded to the front of premium acrylic plates, with the use of 3M special adhesive, providing a high-strength bond between the characters and the face of the acrylic plate.

The UK is now known for cars running on the streets with 4D plates, and the rest of the world is set to follow this increasing fashion trend. The only point of concern for expansion across the world is whether 4D private number plates stand up to the legal regulations in place across different countries.. This article will shed some light on the legality of 4D number plates, in order for you to decide if they will be an option for your vehicle.

What are 4D Number Plates?

So, you have your new car, and you have assigned the private number of your choice to the vehicle. Now you are considering the type of plate you would like in order to display your private number in the most effective way. The makers have confused you with the options for 3D and 4D number plates. You need a better understanding of the options without appearing embarrassed about your lack of knowledge of the options. This article will provide you with some knowledge of what 4D number plates are before you spend your money on a set of these trendy new plates.

The governments of different countries have given their verdict on the legality of 3D characters on personal and private number plates. And 4D is just an industry name used to reference the standard of 4D laser cut number plates and their characters. They are in effect a slightly different form of 3D number plate, but the method of making them is different from the methods used to manufacture 3D Gel resin plates. The characters have a different shape but in principle they are characters that are bonded to the face of an acrylic plate. Therefore, you need not be confused between the two, as they are very similar in their manufacture, but aesthetically they are different. The 4D characters are block shaped with square edges, whereas the 3D Gel resin plates are dome shaped with curved edges.

If you prefer 4D private number plates over 3D Resin Gel plates, then providing your countries regulations permit the 3D Gel plates you can go with 4D plates! The number plate regulators are always kept in the loop by industry bodies relevant to the manufacturing of these plates. You will get to know more about the legality of these plates in the next section.

Answers to your Questions about the Legality of 4D Private Number Plates

Questions about the Legality

The simple answer to the question is, ‘Yes!’ 4D number plates are legal without legal barriers preventing their use on road going vehicles. The rules put in place by the UK Transport Department, are rules that tend to be followed by most other countries when it comes to the materials and methods of construction permitted during manufacture. One of the key rules is that characters must be also visible below the bonded characters, so that the registration is still displayed, in the event that the bonded characters become displaced from the plates as a result of a collision.

The DVLA in the UK states that the characters on 4D private number plates are to be of a solid black color. If you have a fancy font without a single black color that makes it difficult to read the registration using RNPS cameras, you are likely to be pulled over and fined.

Buying the 4D Number Plates

You need to look for a manufacturer or private number plates that are registered with the DVLA as an RNPS approved supplier. They may also be able to offer you the private number plates, in addition to the acrylic number plates. Most online suppliers can now supply 4D laser cut number plates. Always check the reviews for whichever company you are considering using.

It is always better if you can compare the rates across a number of suppliers, with the aim of getting the lowest price in combination with high a quality product for your new car. You need to check that your current number plates are of a standard size and should they be a non-standard size you are likely to incur additional costs.

Some of the number plate makers might ask for your papers to prove that the private number belongs to you. It is just for the sake of being on the good side of the law! So, it is better to carry the papers with you while you are about to get the number plate job done. The entire process will take around an hour or two, to give you a good finish over your 4D private number plate.


You just need to be aware that 4D private number plates are slightly more expensive than the other styles of plate. This is because they are fashionable and appealing whilst they also cost slightly more to manufacture. The materials used in the plate are extremely durable and repel water, dust, and dirt extremely effectively. Be aware that the prices for these number plates may vary across countries. Ordering online is an effective way of sourcing number plates at the lowest price without having to compromise on quality.