Listing out Consolidated Reviews on AdvancedMD

AdvancedMD medical office software suit with cloud based EHR and billing software is designed to serve healthcare practices as well as billing services. In this article, let us look at the top reviews provided by a bunch of Advanced MD users from multiple healthcare arenas. Some of them are healthcare providers and some are administrative staff at the provider’s practice. 

Let us see what they have to say about the overall performance of AdvancedMD practice management suit

  • Majority of users opined, they found the AdvancedMD tutorial software to be very educational and insightful. They think it has topped other software’s due to its ability to customize and edit the documents to suit the charting needs. They also think the software is user friendly and upgrades are really good. Many found the dashboard to be a bit difficult to navigate initially but once they got the hang of it, they are loving it. They also found it difficult to locate the required features in the interface, and had to rely upon the customer support to resolve the issues.
  • Another set of users think they had an excellent experience with AdvancedMD and it is wonderful that they take suggestions and ideas from users and incorporate them in the newer edition of the software. They find the billing functionality altogether trustworthy since it can verify insurance coverage, process bill, track claims and post payments easily. They have come forward with suggestions to improve the medication list on the EHR software and provide more billing reports. They claim their previous billing software was not competent enough in case of displaying ageing reports which made them happily switch to AdvancedMD. 
  • This group of practitioners think AdvancedMD is a great product once you get the right training on how to work on it. They acknowledge it has a lot of really amazing features which can reduce the manual work to a great extent. They had to struggle a bit till they got the proper training and wasted a lot of time before getting trained, so they are requesting for better training support end to end. The seminars on how to use the software really helped them improve their process and the price and functionalities were much to their favour. 
  • A backend staff from a reputed clinic said ‘the reports generated are truly amazing and the option to export them is top notch. Running the patient payment part is a breeze too’. The only hitch they claim is that the patient notes are not segregated according to date s of service and having to access multiple screens to check for information is a bit puzzling for a newbie. Another set of practitioners are very happy with the patient engagement options on AdvancedMD. Once the patient records are saved into a PDF, duly signed and marked as viewable, the paint can easily access it on their portal and make print outs. This self-serve option has made their patients very pleased they say. 
  • Some practitioners complimented on the sustainability of the tool for the fact, out of the 2 years they have been using the system, it only went down twice due to outage and both times they were informed in prior by email communication so they could plan accordingly. They were quite impressed by the customer and technical support teams, instructional videos which teaches them how to add features that fits their practice. They think the dashboards are easy to learn for new billers as well as established billers with quality one on one support system. Only they found it hard to reach the support team at times and some of the addon features costed them a bit more than expected.
  • This practitioner called AdvancedMD ‘a simple but vastly integrated EHR and practice management software from medium to small sized practices. She found it extremely easy to use and customizing option has covered almost all types of speciality practices. The EHR integration had enabled her to review charges and submit claims easier than ever. She demands a bit more details to updating the patient information and the reports be customizable and more intuitive. 
  • Yet another new user of the software thinks, it has a short learning curve after which there had been no hitches. He thinks the software is well thought out and put together by its makers to make billing easier. An ophthalmologist claimed the claim scrubber software is a class apart and the routine questions were answered for him by the customer service fairly quick. But the larger issues took time. With a step-by-step guide to assist you, entering editing and submitting claims is very simple. The ticker system in patient biller made it easier to keep up wit all details of payment like who is paying and who is not, as well arranging automated monthly payments. Though he found it a bit hard to look for old claims and submissions initially. 

With all its virtues and vices, AdvancedMD continues to integrate your practice and billing workflow in the simplest seamless manner possible, ever evolving with you and your practice.

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