Locksmith Prices in Brisbane


Everybody is chasing the best Locksmith Prices in Brisbane locksmith companies have to offer however it should not always be about price whilst we are not the most expensive locksmith our prices are reflective of what it costs to provide a genuine “legitimate” locksmith service. Our call-out fee starts at $98 and extends to $148 for the most outlying suburbs we service (such as Helensvale) our labor charge starts at $88 (for bench work) and varies depending on the type of work (electronic, locksmith, or safe entry which is the hardest) and the volume. It is worth noting that there are some locksmiths who will do cheap jobs for cash and of course this is risky because if you have a problem there is no receipt and possibly they will deny you a “repair job” I recommend ringing around and getting at least 3 quotes.

We also charge additional rates for “out of hours” locksmith work and the charges vary depending upon the type of work, the location of the site, and the time the job is required. We have been providing a quality locksmith service for almost 25 years and during that time I have seen many locksmiths come and go. Of course, we also hear horror stories where a client has used a “cheap” locksmith and then had a problem only to find out that they won’t return their calls or never show up at the agreed time.

We will be happy to come out and give you a written estimate for installation or security upgrade jobs with no obligation, we can offer this service because we run our business efficiently and these cost savings are passed on to our clients. We also have an obligation to our staff and customers to pay any and all appropriate taxes and government fees (such as the Security Providers cat license fee) because if we were to cut corners and be forced out or fined we would not be around to continue to serve our clients. At the time of writing this post, there are 2 locksmiths on remand and awaiting trial for illegal activities, and whilst they are innocent until proven guilty it does illustrate the need to do some research on the people who will have the keys to your home or business.

KGB Security is providing Locksmith Services in Brisbane 24/7 Contact us for more information at 1300556500

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