Love Marriage Predictions by Date of Birth and Numerology

Love Marriage Predictions

Marriages, whether arranged by the elders or decided by the partners themselves based on a love-relationship, can remain successful only if there is compatibility between the two. In traditional marriages, this is ensured through the astrological exercise known as horoscope matching.

Love Marriage Predictions Astrology

In the case of love affairs, the lovers themselves can assess such compatibility from what they knew about each other through experience and by clarifying the doubtful aspects through discussions.

Once they are satisfied with their suitability to each other as marital partners, they can take the help of numerology to know more about their prospective partners and what they can expect from their love marriage with them.

Numerology and Date of Birth

A person’s Numerology Number, also known as the Destiny Number, is taken as 1 if he or she is born on any of the dates 1, 10, 19, and 28. That is, the total of the integers of the date of birth remains the Numerology or Destiny Number of the person concerned. These numbers can be arrived at for other dates of birth, accordingly. Now, let us learn in brief about the predictions for each of these numbers.

Number 1

People born under this ‘Numero Uno’ can be leaders by birth. They may have unique traits, refined tastes, be uncompromising, and often dominating in relationships. They are likely to marry as per their choice and stick to their partners through thick and thin. With compatible spouses, they should enjoy a long and happy marriage.

Number 2

These people can be sensitive, emotional, and temperamental. Their hearts may generally rule over their heads, so there are good chances for them to be imaginative, creative, romantic, and passionate. These loving characters might value emotional compatibility more than physical satisfaction. And they can hope for a satisfying marital life when other components of their horoscopes are okay.

Number 3

These are practical people, unemotional, and calculative. They live by their own rules, be dominative, and may not also be very romantic. Though personal life and relationships might come only after work and progress, they can nevertheless be loyal. When married to agreeable partners found suitable astrologically, they can lead a satisfying family life.

Number 4

These people could be unconventional. Though not quite romantic, they may love sensual pleasures, and this could even drive some of them to seek liaisons outside marriage. However, many could remain loyal and committed to a marriage, too. But the quick temper and flying into a rage can be serious flaws in their characteristics; hence, matching the horoscopes is strongly recommended for them before proceeding with their marriage.

Number 5

These can be versatile personalities who may keep their love alive in their relationships by adopting novel ways to surprise and satisfy their spouses. They may generally keep looking for new excitements in their love life; so, might jell well with partners who can fulfill this craving of theirs. They could take time to stabilize in relationships, and so, their partners might have to be patient till then to make a good marriage.

Number 6

These persons could be dynamic and charming. Their wit and wisdom can make them highly attractive, while their romance and passion may turn them irresistible. But for the sake of satisfying their emotional and romantic needs, they might become quite manipulative at times. So, it makes sense that their birth charts are studied and matched with their prospective life partners before deciding about the marital bond.

Number 7

These can be reserved personalities, ambitious and contemplative. They may be silently powerful and could know how to get what they want. Though they might be loyal to their partners, the 7-people might also be argumentative and quarrelsome, and that can make their relationships prone to misunderstandings. They may need to improve their communication and maintain a healthy interaction with their partners for a happy wedded life.

Number 8

These people could well be termed perhaps the most loyal and reliable partners among those of all numbers. These emotional people may take time to fall in love, and once it happens, they could love passionately and virtually give their lives to their partners. As per numerology, these people could get drawn towards those born under numbers 4 or 8, but if married to them, they might face problems. It is also said that the 8–born females could experience marital discords. So, they should ideally marry only after horoscope matching.

Number 9

These persons could be very energetic and aggressive. Besides, they might also generally be romantic, value physical compatibility a lot in marital bonds, and be demanding in love and affection. Though they could remain strongly attached to their partners, their notorious short temper could play havoc on the stability of their marriage. There are also chances for a few among the males even to forge illicit relationships to satisfy their physical needs. Checking and ensuring their love compatibility with their prospective partners could help them live a happy and hassle-free married life.