Luxurious In Your Camper – Why You Will Love RV Winter Camping

Summer Vacation? As everyone. You go on holiday? Be sensible. Do something different and try RV winter camping. Winter in a RV is the stuff that adventure is made of. Whether you camp in the ski area or on the lake. Give it a try and you’ll see that you don’t have to do without RV*n even in winter.

Cozy at level 100 for winter camping

Comfortably reading a book, wearing stuffed socks, hot chocolate, and snow outside – that’s the “Hygge” feeling. The Danes invented it and it is not for nothing that they are one of the happiest countries in the world. And this not only despite, but precisely because of the cold winters. After all, where does “Hygge” fit better than in a cozy and warm place, while the snow falls gently outside? Hygge doesn’t just mean cozy, but also a way to slow down your already overly stressful life. Or jump on a snowboard and surf the frozen waves. 

Enjoy with the camper

Don’t worry, our camper models are equipped with all-season tires. So you don’t have to worry about slippage. But if you don’t feel like the New Year’s Eve fireworks, just run away from the noise. Living New Year’s Eve with a camper in the informal atmosphere of a campsite is, without a doubt, something special. Many campsites are also open during the holidays and set up snow bars or offer end-of-the-year programs. Camping in winter is the best!

Advantages of winter camping

Road surfing in winter has a special advantage: The hard core of camping enthusiasts gathers in the campsites away from the season, there is a family and friendly atmosphere, people get to know each other and help each other. Getting to know people is never easier than when camping in winter and a glass or two of wine quickly breaks the ice. Winter camping with kids is also a good idea, because kids get organized quickly and only get into the camper when it’s too dark outside. In addition, they take advantage of the cheap prices of the low season.


With these tips you will camp in a cozy way even in winter:

  • First things first: Don’t forget the snow chains!
  • Regularly remove snow and ice from the roof and awning of your camper.
  • The vents prevent moisture and odor in the camper.
  • Open the storage compartments of your heated camper daily to let in the heat.
  • If you leave the stationary heat on, make sure you stop by the gas station on time.
  • A canopy for your ski equipment keeps the snow where it belongs – outside.
  • A wet shoe bucket keeps your toes dry and the camper clean.
  • In thawing time it does not hurt to put wooden blocks underneath so that your camper does not sink. You don’t want to have to dig in the mud.
  • The headlamp and lantern light your way when it gets dark early.
  • Blankets or sheepskins provide the elegant “Hygge” feel.

Not to mention: Find a comfortable campground for your winter camping adventure, you will appreciate a hot shower. If you don’t know where to take your camper, check out our tips for the best winter campsites.

So even if the temperatures outside are below zero: The camper is not made of sugar and is made for the outdoors, even in winter. Like you. And it will warm you up after a nice day of skiing or hiking in winter. With independent heating, your camper will reach a comfortable temperature in no time. A cozy evening with an exciting book and a hot cup of tea is also possible during winter camping. Be quick, because winter camping is getting more and more popular. Rent a camper now and go on a winter adventure. And if you’re cold despite everything, travel where the sun shines in winter. Our vans are also available in places further south for sun lovers throughout the year. Simply rent a camper with Private RV Rentals at RV*n.