Make Your Bed Cozier Using These 7 Tips

At the end of the day, your bed is your sanctuary and it needs to be as comfortable and cozy as possible. As your bed is only your bed, you only share it with your significant other, it should be meeting all of your standards. If you are struggling to figure out what you can do to make your bed cozy, here are seven ways you will create a bed that you won’t want to get out of. 

1. Get A New Mattress

There is nothing more important and that plays a bigger role in making your bed more comfortable as well as cozier than purchasing a new mattress. If you don’t want to spend that much money, or you simply can’t, you can get a similar effect by getting a mattress topper. It will give you that extra sink-in-deep factor that will automatically make your bed cozier. Another thing that is very important is that you make sure that your mattress or mattress topper is made out of natural materials as you don’t want to harm you while you are sleeping. Always make sure that it is made out of eco-friendly healthy materials. 

2. You Can Never Have Too Many Pillows

Even though everybody says that you can’t have too many pillows you have to find a perfect balance. You don’t want to overload your bed with a pillow because after some number they will start to have a negative effect and just get in the way. If you have a bed that the first two people anywhere between 4-6 pillows is a good amount to make it look cozier. Have pillows on which you will sleep, pillows that are purely for decor purposes and ones you can use for lumbar support. Always choose colours that will go well with the rest of your room as well as your sheets. 

3. Choose Nice Sheets

As we have mentioned above, you should always look for things that are non-toxic and made out of natural materials. Those are usually silk, cotton or hemp. Choosing one of those will not only be healthier but they will also be softer and help regulate your body temperature. It is also always better to go with colours such as white because it will not only make your bed more luxurious, but it will also go with any colour scheme. Another thing is that having plain coloured sheets will make everything more sustainable as you can mix and match them and have variations instead of constantly using the same ones. 

During winter the best way to make your bed cozier is to choose flannelette sheets because the flannel is generally much thicker and heavier therefore it is much cozier than having plain sheets. But if you are reading this and it is summer you can still make your bed cozy. All you need to do is choose cool linen or percale and it will bring that warmness and coziness without making you overheat while sleeping. 

4. Add A Throw At The End Of The Bed

Another amazing way of making your bed much cozier is simply putting a throw on the end of it. There are many looks you can go for depending on which materials you like. If you want something that will make the bed look soft and plushy choose cotton fuzzy blankets. But if you want something more statement, choose chunky knits, they are the comedies of all blankets. It doesn’t matter what season it is because you won’t use them to cover yourself, so you can pick anything that you like. The key is to fold it on the bottom of the best to get that cozy vibe. 

5. Hang String Lights Above The Bed To Add A Little Magic

Coziness is so much more than stacking pillows on your bed and that is what people don’t know. By adding string fairy lights above your bed, you will create a different atmosphere and that is a cozy atmosphere. Another thing you can do is tape LED lights underneath your bed to get that cozy/fantasy feel.

6. Add a Bed Skirt

If you don’t like the look of your bed and you think that that is stopping you from having a cozy bed, you can just get a bed skirt to cover it up and make it look softer and more comfortable. 

7. Find A Soft Headboard

If you want to accomplish an overall cozy aesthetic in your room you can give your bed a new headboard. Rather than picking wooden or metal ones, choose a soft padded one. It will make you feel like you have one large pillow in the bed with you. 


Something that you should keep in mind when you are making your bed cozier is not to go overboard. Even though it is mostly adding fluffy and comfortable things to it, you can quickly go from cozy to chaotic.