Medical Alert Systems for Seniors

A medical alert is a silent alarm system specifically designed to alert the presence of an emergency medical condition requiring immediate medical attention and to call emergency medical services immediately. Other names for this type of medical alert are personal emergency response systems or rapid response systems. The medical alert system may be useful in various situations including medical, life support, and disaster management. Some medical alert devices may include the capability of calling 911 in case of an emergency.

These devices come with a base unit, a keypad, and a number of portable accessory items. The base unit has many functions including holding a captive number, locking facility, and activate/deactivate capabilities. The keypad is used to enter user codes and activate/deactivate options. Other options include touch-screen functionality and vibrate alerts. Many companies offer these medical alert systems with various accessories.

With the availability of many companies providing mobile help, it is advisable to buy portable units that are easy to use and transportable. Portable units are very handy in case of emergencies in which the person is unable to stay at his home. There are many companies manufacturing and providing mobile help such as; base stations, portable base stations, mobile help desks, and mobile help software. Some companies manufacture and sell complete medical alert systems and equipment including; base stations, keypads, earpieces, monitors, fall sensors, door chimes, and much more. All of them are reliable and effective.


Since most seniors prefer to use their cellular phones, some seniors choose to use the base station to arm their medical alert systems. However, since using the base station requires using a cellular phone, seniors find it inconvenient to go to the base station. In this regard, many companies have introduced GPS technology in their mobile help desk products. The GPS technology enables seniors to arm their base stations with handheld devices including; blackberry cellular phones or any other cell phone that has GPS technology installed in it.

There are certain things that need to be considered while choosing the best medical alert systems for seniors. The first and foremost thing to be considered is the medical care needs of the senior. Since senior medical care involves the consultation of doctors, specialists, and even nurses, all medical alert systems are not the same. Some may be able to detect medical problems that may call for immediate medical attention, whereas others are unable to detect medical problems that are simple enough to ignore.

Before deciding upon the brand and model of medical alert systems for seniors, it is necessary to know about the cancellation fee in case they cannot utilize it due to various reasons. Some companies provide coverage for the medical alert system when the policy has been purchased through an agent or through calling the toll-free number. Some others may require the person to cancel his policy before using the medical alert system. The policies offered by different companies differ. Most insurance companies require the person who is purchasing this product to cancel his policy before using it.

Most senior medical alert systems have a list of pre-determined numbers to which the user has to call in case of an emergency or a medical emergency. It is recommended that when using the device, one should not miss such numbers. This would reduce the chances of calling the wrong numbers as well as inconvenience to others. To avoid the situation of inconvenience, one should keep a record of such numbers. This would make the senior members aware of the number to contact in case of medical emergencies and other problems that require medical assistance. Learn more about Medical Alert Systems Florida here.

When using medical alert systems for seniors, it is important to understand the benefits and limitations of the product. One should not depend on the product to handle all medical emergencies. In case there is a sudden illness or if there is someone very old who cannot handle any form of medical crisis, one should have a backup plan. One should not buy a medical alert system just because it is cheap. One should first ensure that the product is compatible with all medical needs.