Merino Wool Shirts: The Good, The Bad, and How to Buy

Merino wool is soft, non-itchy, and comfortable. You can wear merino wool shirts in all seasons. In addition, they are stylish clothing pieces that remain attractive for a long time. In this post, you’ll learn the basics of the wool type, its benefits, and limitations. Also, learn how to buy the best shirts online.

Although Merino wool has been around us for centuries, it is more popular today than ever. More people are becoming aware of the wool type and its benefits. For example, many men in Australia and other parts of the world are getting Merino shirts as men’s non-iron shirts. 

The Good

It is one of the sought-after materials. Merino wool is not only comfortable on the skin but also provides a range of benefits. Here are they:

  • Natural Fibres

Unlike synthetic fibres, Merino wool is nature’s gift to mankind. As the name suggests, it comes from Merino sheep, a breed known for its fine wool. It is lightweight, soft, and feels good on the skin. 

As it comes from nature, it is eco-friendly and biodegradable. It doesn’t harm the environment during or after the creation of Merino wool shirts.

  • Apt for All Seasons

Although it’s a wool type, Merino clothes are comfortable to wear throughout the years, thanks to their properties like temperature regulation. Merino clothes are warm to wear during winters, while they are breezy during hot summer days. 

  • UV Resistant

Merino wool is UV resistant, which makes it ideal to wear during summers. The best Merino wool t-shirt or shirt does not allow sweat to accumulate. In addition, it makes the air pass through the piece easily. One can wear Merino clothes for several days without washing them. 

  • Stretchable and Stain Resistant

One of the benefits of wearing Merino clothes is their stretchable nature. They fit easily and remain on the skin comfortably. In addition, these clothing pieces are stain- and water-resistant. 

  • Antibacterial and Non-ironing

Sourced from nature, Merino wool is antibacterial in nature. It doesn’t let sweat accumulate, which means bacteria do not remain on the clothing piece. Also, one doesn’t need to iron them. There are men’s non-iron shirts that can be worn immediately after washing them. 

The Bad

Merino wool has dozens of qualities, but similar to everything else in the world, it has its fair share of limitations. The only downside of Merino clothing is the price. Merino wool shirts can be more expensive than regular shirts. 

However, the properties and advantages of Merino clothes are worth their price. 

How to Buy Merino Wool Shirts

As Merino clothing is becoming more popular, many around the world offer shirts and t-shirts made of the wool type. The first thing to remember is: don’t fall for a low price. Instead, look for a reliable store to get genuine, stylish shirts that fit you well and meet your requirements. 

While buying men’s non-iron shirts or t-shirts, ensure they are made of real Merino wool. Also, pay attention to their qualities and order only when you’ve learned about them. In addition, choose the colour and size as per your needs. Invest in top-quality Merino wool shirts and reap their benefits in the long run.