3 Most Essential Apps for Drivers and Travelers

If you drive cars or travel a lot here and there, looking for some of the most essential mobile apps to make your driving or traveling safer and easier, this post might be helpful for you. Here we have listed the 3 most essential apps for drivers and travelers. These apps will help you with mainly three things — checking your BrAC to know your driving condition before start driving, flawless navigation, and preventing distractions when you drive.

So, let’s have a look …

1. NYC Corp Road and Driver Safety App

NYC Corp Road & Driver Safety

NYC Corp Road & Driver Safety App is our first pick on this list — a free application that allows checking your BRAC to know your driving conditions before start driving or traveling. The app is carefully developed by Not Your Child Corp with the help of a group of road safety & breathalyzer professionals to help keep commuters safe while they travel on roads.

Using the app, you can purchase personal breathalyzers at a discount, get free service alerts, and can even win free breathalyzers staying in the know of legal road limits world-wide. The company has a wholesale section for business clients. As well as, has a booking system for corporate events where alcohol is served. the has also a calibration option that allows you to register your personal breathalyzer here for service updates and submit your old breathalyzer for re-calibration instead of throwing that away. Every driver and traveler should have this essential app installed on their phone.

Download NYC Corp Road and Driver Safety app for Android / for IOS

2. Waze

Waze navigation App

Obviously, you need direction when you drive or travel. So Waze is for you. It’s mainly a navigation app with different powerful features to help you drive smoothly and safely. It always tells you what’s happening on the road, it tells you about traffic, police, construction, crashes, and more in real-time. If the traffic goes bad on your route somehow, it will change the route to save you time. In addition to that, the app also gives you an alert when you reach the speed limit, so you can avoid tickets & drive sober and safer.

Download Waze for Android / for IOS

3. Drive SmartDrive Smart

Our third pick is the Drive Smart that’s created to prevent distractions while driving. The app has both a free version and has a monthly paid plan. With the basic version, you can easily set your phone to drive mode while driving. Once it is set, all of the incoming calls will be stored directly to voicemail, and all incoming texts will be muted (an automatic response will be sent to the sender’s phone). Bt with the Plus Version ($4.99/month) you can do a lot more. For example, you’ll be able to detect when the owner of the cell phone is in a moving vehicle and automatically enacts the program. Besides that, passengers using smartphones can also override the drive mode and when the override happens, parents can be notified.

Download Drive Smart for Android / for IOS

So, try these apps, drive and travel safe, and enjoy.