Motorcycle leather jackets are for bad boys and all of us want to be one, No? 

The fact that leather jackets are always in trend is undeniable and the other fact that all of us, at least, most of us love wearing leather is also undeniable but the quality of leather worn is the most debatable topic and that is where brands and shops tend to make money. These people display different sorts of leather and stitch them distinctively to sell them at prices according to the type of leather, well speaking of stitching I must talk about how chic Vintage Leather Jackets are!

Oh, you got it just right! I am about to hit the softest corner we all have for vintage leather bomber jackets for men and women. Before I proceed, if you are fond of bomber blazers then this paragraph will serenade you. So yeah! Leather bomber designs are most of the time inspired from the old 90’s movies but the fact that it came into being in the first place is something to appreciate. I mean, knit cuffs and waist making a puffy body definitely was the all times cool back then however we can not just restrict the style to the good ol’ times because its back which is the hallmark of leather since it never gets old nevertheless Vintage Leather Jackets are given the extra privilege and so are the bomber jackets. It would be unfair if I say so highly of bomber jackets and do not mention motorcycle jackets at all because isn’t it something we all yearn to have too?

motorcycle leather jackets

Also, speaking of motorcycle leather jackets this one piece that I can not get out of my head has to be discussed. So the other day walking by the street I figured a new store has just inaugurated and they are offering flat offs on blazers, this was enough to convince me for stepping into the store.

Among many, I saw this article hanging in a detailed display of stitchery on real leather, sheepskin hide and I couldn’t keep myself from analyzing it a little more closely.

A dull black tint with a limited erect collar with a YKK front closure zipper wasn’t all that I liked but the zippered cuffs were a plus although the four pockets on the front were also a commendable feature nonetheless what I admired the most was the zipper separators on the sides that completed the look in a unique way.

The leather patch on the shoulders and the lined pattern on the sleeves was an attraction too whereas the fact that there were two more zippers on the back was amusing in so many ways, these considerations were important but secondary since checking the sizes and the fit was the primary and so I did and to my surprise, it came out as good as the least I was expecting it to be (because leather is not a conventional stitch material). After all of it, I finally decided to buy it but the marketers had other plans because clearly, the price was way too high making me change my decision instantly and compelling, me to leave the article hanging.


Hey? I never said I gave up on the jacket. So I went up looking for the same article on other shops and it came to be as no surprise at all that I couldn’t find any seller selling the same jacket at a lesser price until I crossed the website of Distressed jackets. Not gone lie I checked the details regarding the design first and after I was satisfied with the hide and the leather type I decided to hop on to the price which was so economical. Not as easy as I say it but these guys were running a reasonable virtual shop of leather jackets whether it be the Vintage Leather Jackets, the trench coats, bomber jackets, blazers, vests, you name it and I can vouch they must have it even though I visited other sites too after finding this shop but none offered the same quality and design at an affordable cost.