Simple Way to Know How to Move EML as PDF With Attachments

EML short form for electronic mail or Email, is the file extension used to store mail files in plain formatting that usually contains subject and message body content. Email clients like Windows Live Mail, Windows Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird, eM Client, DreamMail, Apple Mail, Outlook Express store user mailbox information in EML format.

On the other hand, PDF stands for Portable Document format is developed by Adobe with the mail goal of presenting documents including text and images. PDF documents are easy to share and print that’s why many users are looking forward to move EML to PDF file format.

If you are looking for the same then this blog surely helps you in getting perfect solution of how to move EML as PDF file format. Read the blog post till end to choose suitable method for moving EML files to PDF format.

Move EML as PDF Format with Manual Approach

There are so many ways through which you can move EML data to PDF file format. However there is no direct manual approach available to move EML as PDF format. Users can move EML files to PDF through any EML supported email client. In this section, we explain working steps to move EML files to PDF via Mozilla Thunderbird.

Step 1: Run Mozilla Thunderbird application and create a new folder in it. Leave the folder open and proceed the next step.

Step 2: Search for the location where EML files are saved in your PC.

Step 3: Next highlight required EML files or all EML files with short cut key Ctrl+A. Then drag the EML files to Mozilla Thunderbird and drop them in newly created folder.

Step 4: After that select the new folder in which you import EML mailbox files.

Step 5: In the menu bar, click on Tools option.

Step 6: Next select Import/Export Add-ons.

Step 7: Click on “Export all Messages in the Folder” and select PDF option.

Step 8: After selection, a Warning alert generated stating that if you want to save attachments then choose another format.

Step 9: Click on Ok button to give permission.

Step 10: All the EML files start moving to selected location from Thunderbird to PDF format.

Some Issues with Manual Approach

  • One of the main issue with manual approach is that it involves other email clients like Mozilla Thunderbird. It is not necessary that all the users have access to Thunderbird.
  • You need to download Import/Export Add-on in Thunderbird before proceeding the working steps.
  • As you can see in the “Step 8” that attachments files will not save in PDF format. It is a major drawback of manual approach.
  • The approach does not provides guaranteed conversion result. Sometimes email clients freezes in between the process results loss of data.

Direct Approach to Move EML as PDF with Attachments

If you don’t prefer manual approach and wants perfect mailbox solution to know how to move EML as PDF then try EML to PDF Converter tool. It is a third party automated solution that move batch EML files to PDF in single time process. Unlike manual approach, the tool saves all the attachments files in PDF and offer multiple option to do so. You are allowed to create either single PDF file or separate PDF file as per your need. See below mentioned chart to know how to move EML as PDF:

The converted PDF file will be saved in your prescribed location and in your chosen file naming combination. EML to PDF Converter also supports customized in PDF documents and offer various tools for the same such as Bates Stamp, Suffix, Prefix, size and many other. If you want to clear more doubts then take help of free demo. With demo edition, you will get chance to move EML as PDF but limited to 25 EML files per folder. So grab this opportunity and easily move multiple EML files to PDF with attachments.