5 Famous Mustaches Style For Men 2021


Keeping a mustache has become a trend now. You might have seen men of all ages keeping different types of mustaches. Probably you are also thinking to follow a style, isn’t it? But you may have a hard time selecting which style you should follow. If so, then you are at the right place. Today we are going to introduce you to the 5 famous mustaches for men that are trending now.

Men are following different types of mustache styles including some bizarre mustache styles nowadays. But it does not mean that styling your mustache is an all-new trend. During the end of the 90s, keeping a mustache was the most iconic thing for a man. That is why that time many famous men followed different types of mustache styles. But during the early twenties, this trend was almost lost.

But now again it has become the central task for many men of all ages. That is why there are lots of mustache styles are available now. If you are having a hard time picking one then you should be happy to know that below are the 5 most famous mustache styles that we have selected based on the public vote. So further delaying let us have a look.


Scruffy Mustache

Scruffy Mustache

This is the most common & basic mustache style that you can follow without any difficulty. A scruffy mustache refers to a mustache style that actually does not follow any particular style or pattern. It is just the way your mustache grows. It is the most popular & natural mustache style out there. Starting from Iron Man ( Robert Downey Jr ) to Spider-Man (Tom Holland), everyone followed this particular mustache style.

The main reason that this mustache is so much popular is it provides you the most natural look & also it is accepted by everyone. There is nothing difficult to wear this mustache style or you do not need to wait very long to grow your mustache for a long time. To wear this mustache all you need to do is let your mustache grow naturally just the way it is & then take a trimmer & trim the overgrown edge. The Scruffy Mustache goes well with a Scruffy or Natural Beard style.


Chevron Mustache

Chevron Mustache

Here comes the next, the Chevron Mustache. You can say this is the second easiest mustache style that you can follow. It is simple & suits most people. The most famous superhero Superman actor Henry Cavil follows this mustache style. Did you know that during the Justice League shooting Henry had this mustache & he rejected to completely trim his mustache? Though it does not appear in the film because of editing. But this particular mustache style has become very famous now. If you have passed your twenties then this mustache style will sure provide you an appealing look. A chevron mustache stands for a thick layer of the mustache. Before choosing this make sure you can grow a full thick mustache. The thicker the better. After growing a thick mustache all you need to do is trim the edges & make your chevron mustache a kempt look.


Western Cowboy Mustache


Western Cowboy Mustache

This particular mustache style is a personal favorite for many men out there. It can provide you a country look that reflects your honorable personality. By the name you may think that this particular style is only for the cowboys who live in the western countryside. This mustache style started from there, but now it has become one of the most popular & creative mustache styles. To grow this mustache you must have a thick full mustache. If you have a very thin mustache or you face any difficulty growing your mustache then this style will not suit you. After growing your full thick mustache you need to trim the edges just live both corner edges to extend more. Those extended edges will be the sign of your western cowboy mustache. To know more details about this mustache style & make it grow easier you can follow this: Western Cowboy Mustache Styles Full Guideline.


Handlebar Mustache


This is our personal favorite mustache style. In fact, some of our employees also follow this mustache style that looks really amazing. Many young men who are living in their twenties have voted this as the most famous mustache style whether they can wear it or not. This is kind of tricky to make this particular mustache style look perfect. But once you master it then sure everyone will admire your new look. Some people may confuse this with a western cowboy mustache because both mustache styles require extended edges on both sides. But in reality, those two mustache styles are totally different & the procedure to style those are also different from each other. To style a handlebar mustache first you need to grow a full thick mustache. Though this is a continuous process that you cannot do just in few days. While growing your mustache you need to comb your mustache starting from the middle towards both sides. Once you have enough extended edges you need to twist the edges so that they look exactly like a Handlebar.


Horseshoe Mustache


Last on our list for famous mustaches for men is the Horseshoe Mustache. This particular mustache style is not for everyone. We say this because this style may not suit everyone. But if you like this particular style by seeing the picture then you sure can give it a try. Then see if it looks good on you or not. You can also ask your close people to know what they think. By the name, it is clear that this mustache style looks like a Horse Shoe. If you have seen horseshoes then just imagine the same shape mustache on your face.

This style may look tricky but in reality, it is easier to style compared to Western Cowboy & Handlebar Mustache. All you need to do is grow a full beard & mustache first. If you already have grown a full beard & mustache then you can follow this style right now. All you need to do is shave the entire beard except the beard that goes down from your mustache by the two sides of your lips. The give trims your mustache & beard of that area & give it a Horseshoe shape. To master this style just follow this: How To Shave Horseshoe Mustache.


That is all for today. We hope you have liked our list & already have set your mind about choosing one mustache style. Let us know which one you like the most.

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