My Daily Jaunts

Earlier this week I created a goal of sorts, to be active throughout the day instead of focusing solely on the standard 30-minute exercise session.

So, I’ve been making an effort to take the occasional walking break.  I took a 10-minute break at work to walk outside the building.  I used my lunch hour to walk through a nearby neighborhood.  My husband and I walked around the neighborhood where we live after dinner. getloadedinthepark

Now we all know that walking can be a great exercise, so let’s just say that’s a given and put that thought aside.

One of the great things I’ve found is these walks are incredibly refreshing.  They clear the cobwebs from the mind and lift the spirits.  Yesterday was the perfect day to be outside.  The sun was out, a few puffy clouds sat in the sky, a light breeze blew my hair (but not so much to mess it up!), and the temperature was not too hot nor too cold.

  I thought to myself as I took my brief walk, “I would have missed all this beauty had I not made the effort to get out here.”  And what a shame that would have been!

I’ll let you in on something else, besides being refreshing, taking walks inspires!  The creative juices start flowing, especially when walking alone.

There’s something about the sun and fresh air that jump-starts thoughts and ideas!  The outdoors is much more inspiring than a dull, beige office, fluorescent lights, and a glaring computer screen.

My only suggestion when taking the solitary walk is you might want to consider toting along with a small notepad and pen in case you have those moments of profoundness.

While I’m praising walks’ many attributes, what I especially like about taking them is the fact that I don’t return dripping with sweat.  Not the best look for the meeting with the executive staff I imagine (although it might make the meeting end a lot sooner)! I also don’t have to change into gym clothes, let alone get myself to the gym.

I just make sure I’m wearing decent shoes, grab my sunglasses, and go.  Easy and very stress-free.

I’d like to keep up my daily jaunts, at least when the weather is comfortable.  Now I admit I still like a good, cardio and strength session, complete with the icky sweat.

Those are fun in their own right.  But walks… they’re therapeutic, a welcome respite during those dingy office hours.  And couldn’t we all use a little more recess now and then?

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