Learn to Manage NetBackup Cloud Storage with NetBackup Certification


When you work on the internet, your main priority is to protect and safeguard your data to prevent any kind of complications in the future.NetBackup training will enhance your skills and make you capable enough to safeguard and protect your data, which will help you to take the lead in your career blockchain payments

NetBackup Cloud storage helps to back up and restore the data from Cloud storage as a service vendor.NetBackup Cloud storage has integrated with Veritas open storage. For a user, data is a valuable asset that needs to be always on, fasted, automatic, elastic, and protected. NetBackup certification will help you restore and protect your data in the best way possible  

Long-term Cloud retention

Veritas released NetBackup 7.6 in October 2013, which was the first step to support the Cloud journey. With the availability of the first group of Cloud connectors, Veritas has provided its customers with the ability to send backup data to numerous content sources. Since the past six years, it’s well observed that numerous changes have been observed in the Cloud.

In addition to security, for long-term data retention, cost optimization is an important factor. The best way of data protection and management solutions is to help you with cost optimization. It is done with the help of the latest NetBackup Cloud storage systems. NetBackup has improved reduplication performance by using pieces of software such as the Amazon S3 client that AWS has optimized. With the provided improvement in the network Cloud storage, the users can easily use NetBackup. 

Netbackup Cloud storage helps you with large databases. You can either eliminate tape libraries or entire data centers within a tight time frame. This is done when the current network is not supporting the transfer without additional investment in its network infrastructure. You can skill yourself and move forward in your career path by receiving an industrial-recognized NetBackup certification.

Through NetBackup training courses, you will be able to easily manage NetBackup storage. Mastering the NetBackup certification and training will enable you to grasp the fundamentals of virtualization. 

From device to recovery on Cloud

Netbackup supports recovering Linux-based and VMware workloads that are stored in Amazon S3 to Amazon EC2 instances. This enables the user to restore data on AWS and enable them to spin up workloads without managing the conversion or rebuilding process. One of the great improvements to enable this is the NetBackup Media Server Deduplication Pool, which separates the deduplicated data from the meta base.

Veritas VMware technology and image sharing can quickly import the backups from a NetBackup environment on-premises. Moreover, within a few seconds, you can easily import the data into a network backup instance that runs on AWS.


Veritas has been managing data and workloads for some leading industries in the world now. Getting a NetBackup certification that is industry-recognized will help you to get trained in all forms of virtualization. NetBackup protects the most important asset of yours, the data. NetBackup Cloud storage assists with sponsorship up and re-establish the information from Cloud storage as a help vendor.NetBackup Cloud storage has coordinated with Veritas open storage. For a client, information is a significant resource that should be consistently on, abstained, programmed, flexible, and protected.NetBackup accreditation will help you reestablish and safeguard your information in the most ideal way conceivable.