New Atlas Honda 125 Specification and Features

Honda’s repute in the motorcycle industry is unquestionable. Of all the motorcycles in Pakistan, no other bike could match the popularity of the Honda CG 125. Due to Atlas Honda 125 specification and features, Honda becomes a famous brand amongst youngsters and adults alike. This elegantly designed bike has won worldwide acclaim for its rugged reliability.

For a long time Honda CG 125, is considered a symbol of style, power, and flawlessness. The craze for this dream bike is still not fading away due to its superb performance and solid road grip. The most beloved bike of Pakistan is considered perfect for rural commuting. Over the years the bike king has proven its excellence and its performance is kept on improving.

Honda 125 specification:

Honda CG 125 popularity is unmatched in Pakistan. This commuting vehicle provides the rider with a sense of freedom and adventure that no other form of transport could deliver. There are some factors, which make Honda 125 the most preferred choice of all.

Powerful Engine

The engine of this riding beast is one of its kind. It is brilliantly designed and powered by air-cooled 124cc, four strokes that will never let you down. All bike lovers will admit the fact that Honda bikes are equipped with the best engine configurations. The ultimate masterpiece by Honda will go forever due to its impeccable machinery performance.

Design and Display

Bike enthusiasts always went gaga over the design and specs of this bike model.  The durable and reliable features of CG 125 make it distinguished from other bikes. Some of its popular features are spacious 9.2-liter petrol capacity, self and kick start option and 4-speed gears. Moreover, the bike is famous due to its seat comfort, pick, and silencer sound.

Furthermore, its maintenance is quite easy, due to the easy availability of its spare parts. In addition, the ideal alignment of the two tires not only gives it an attractive outlook but also gives a smooth ride experience.

No competitor in the market

Many other bike brands are attempting to undercut its popularity by offering low payment bikes but no other bike could match the fame of Honda CG 125. There is no real competitor of CG 125 in the local market. Considering the increasing demand, Honda is gearing up to accelerate its production capacity in Pakistan.

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