New kurta designs 2021 for men in the summer season

Welcome summer season this year with an array of modern gents kurta collection in your wardrobe. To find out what’s trending, in terms of men’s clothes, read below the details so that you are also a part of the bandwagon.

Plain solid kurtas

Plain solid kurta is a staple clothing item in a man’s wardrobe. But when you wear the same kurta regularly along with repeated washing, it results in worn-out and rugged clothes. So it’s time to get rid of those old worn-out clothes and instead purchase from the new summer collection featuring eastern wear. The first thing you must get your hands on is a plain coloured kurta from a leading brand that offers ready to wear shalwar kameez and kurtas.

Plain colours are an optimum choice as they are suitable for any occasion and time. However, the material with which it is made makes the difference. For instance, cotton suits for men are usually considered casual clothing item. Whereas other fabrics such as royal silk, latha, Egyptian cotton, etc. are usually considered for slightly semi-formal wear due to their texture and appearance.

Printed shalwar kameez for men

Bold and big prints on a shalwar kameez are a big NO in men’s summer fashion world! Men should dress up soberly, and give gentleman vibes only. So to achieve that look, along with securing marks for uniqueness, you must look out for printed gent’s kurta design that portrays sophistication and elegance only.

Stitched shirts made out of intricate designs and subtle colour palettes that are not too loud are a perfect choice for the summer season. You should opt for cool and soft tones such as lilac, pistachio, off white, ivory, almond, etc. Designs, colour and prints like these instantly brighten ones overall attire.

Tailoring and cuts

If you are on those who prefer buying from the unstitched collection instead of the pret wear,  then you may showcase your designing capabilities. Summer clothes for men can be made to look different from others by tailoring and designing techniques. You can customize your shalwar kameez or even a fancy kurta with your choice of fabric, colour and designs. Add a couple of buttons on the neck front and the cuffs or probably an elegant motif embroidery on the front or sides would look good. Adding pockets on the front side could also be an option. On the other hand, you may also choose a straight shirt design or one with round edges. You can create a variation with kurta designs for men according to the occasion and time.

Colour scheme

The rule of thumb is that lighter shades are best suited for day time events, whereas dark tones are preferable to be worn at night time. But talking about colours that are trending in summer 2021, you can opt for light colours such as pistachio, lilac, sky blue, cream white, rose pink, and many others. For nighttime events, you should go for darker colours as already mentioned above, such as navy blue, grape, purple, teal, bottle green, grey and so forth. However, pure white and black coloured suits and shirts are signature colours that can be worn at any time or occasion.


Choosing the right kind of fabric for your unstitched shirt, kurta or shalwar kameez is an essential factor. For casual wear, a Pakistani ready-made dress in Egyptian cotton material is ideal. If you are looking for something for your formal wear, fabrics such as royal silk, latha, or boski are preferable. Boski shalwar kameez is also a staple clothing item in a man’s wardrobe as it’s highly comfortable to wear yet gives a luxurious feel while you’re wearing it.

Celebrity endorsement

Men clothing brands in Pakistan have a huge following if they are endorsed by celebrities and national heroes. For instance, the renowned brand Junaid Jamshed has a great fan base due to his fame in the music industry and the sudden change in his ideology later on. Similarly, national sports players such as Shahid Afridi posing for leading brand Dynasty Fabrics, and many celebrities like Ahsan Khan, Fahad Mustafa, Faisal Qureshi are a face of brands represent the commitment of the brand. Therefore men prefer to purchase from such outlets as a result and aspire to look like them as well.

Online shopping

To get your hands on your favourite kurta, stitched shalwar kameez or even yarns of unstitched fabric, you can simply order away from any brands official website or via WhatsApp as well. Online clothes shopping has a huge separate customer base in Pakistan and due to this, e-commerce is doing exceptionally well.  All brands have displayed size charts for the customer’s convenience, along with a reasonable return and exchange policy if your desired article does not meet your criteria of fitting, colour or design.