New World Coins will Available on NewWordGolds When It Release

A few days ago, to our surprise, Amazon Games finally started the final phase of internal testing of its first MMO called New World. NewWordGolds also welcomes players looking to buy New World coins at this stage as the game coins, actually called NW coins, will be the main engine of the New World economy.

New World MMO could be more popular than World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade

The game has been under development at what was that Amazon Games Studios (now Amazon Games) since 2016. It shows the fantasy world Aeternum, which, as it stands, perfectly symbolizes the mythology of the island of Atlantis in the Atlantic Ocean. In the 16th century, players go to Aeternum and join factions like the Marauders, the Syndicate or the Covenant, which gives them more freedom in developing their characters as there are no pre-made career rules. If the initial fighting style isn’t interesting enough, it’s easy to switch from axes and hatches to burning monsters and other players using magic or shooting at them with a bow and arrow.

As in any other MMO, there will be a large number of professions to hone your skills in, including craft trades (weapon-making, armor, engineering, jewelry making, cooking, arcane and furniture), finishing trades (smelting, woodworking, leatherworking, weaving and Stone processing) and collecting professions such as woodcutting, harvesting, mining, tracking and skinning. In contrast to World of Warcraft Nostalgia, where players can choose 2 professions, players in the new world can upgrade all professions at the same time.

To reach the endgame, players will need to advance from level 1 to level 60, which can take several months depending on your play style. The game is about conquering cities, guilds, magic and battles based on the mythology of the 16th century.

The “class” gameplay revolves around the choice of weapons and is divided into 3 different categories – two-handed weapons: bow, war hammer, musket, and spear; 1-hand weapons: sword, hatchet and fine sword (shields can only be used with swords) and 3 – magical weapons: life staff, fire staff and ice gloves.

To our surprise, the beta test showed that there were more than 100 available game servers in different regions: EU Central, US East and West, Asia-Pacific and South America. There were fewer than 33 New World servers in the previous alpha and early beta tests. In a way, that might tell us that, as expected, the game could get even better, even more popular than World of Warcraft Classic and World of Warcraft Classic: The Burning Crusade, which has still topped the charts since its re-release in 2019. Of course, gold is just as important in World of Warcraft as it is in World of Warcraft Classic, because you can use it to buy and trade resources, upgrade equipment, complete quests and missions, conquer cities, and found guilds.