Not everyone knows the good things about ringtones

In the modern social life today, mobile phone has become one of the important and indispensable items for communication, communication, entertainment, study … Almost every person has at least 1 the phone itself and the ringtone became familiar sounds. However, even for those who use the phone for a long time, you will not be able to know all the interesting things about phone ringtones.

Each carrier has its own type of ringtone and is subject to change

Hundreds, thousands of mobile phone manufacturers were born in the world with different products, competing with each other. Of course, for differentiation and branding, the default ringtones for each of these products are different. For example, just listen to the default ringtone and you will immediately know whether it is a nokia, samsung or iphone phone. Because these sounds have become too familiar and behind that are both good stories, the meaning of the default ringtone.

However, you can completely change the ringtone for your mobile phone at will. The phone lines running the android operating system are extremely simple to change ringtones. Only with the iOS phone line, changing the ringtone is a little more complicated because this operating system has high security and is typically the iphone phone line.

Can change ringtones for each subscriber

Instead of all calls to your phone only play 1 ringtone, you can make a difference for each subscriber by changing individual ringtone for each desired subscriber. This way your loved ones, especially those who call you, will quickly find out who it is. No limit you can only change the ringtone for how many phone numbers saved in the phone book. This also brings joy to others when they understand that they have to be important to you to have their own ringtones on your phone, right?

In addition to changing the sound for incoming calls, the sound of the message can also be changed. If you want to refresh your phone ringtone, please visit the free great ringtone store update the latest, hottest and unique songs on the Vietnamese music market and foreign music. to download songs, good music, meaning according to preferences.

How to get your own unique ringtones

Except for phone-specific ringtones, almost all songs are 3 to 4 minutes long, while the maximum ring time specified by carriers is only about 1 minute. again, so users are forced to know how to “cut” a long piece of music into small pieces at their disposal.

If you select a certain song in your library and then set it as your phone ringtone, by default the device will play from the first seconds to the last period specified by the carrier. However, by using several applications, you can customize when the track starts playing.

Currently there are 2 ways to do this, one is that you can download apps on the App Store for iPhone, Google Play for Android phones, most of which are provided for free and available. lots of unique features.

In addition, you can also use the music cutting service on online websites, just upload the music and choose the start time, then download and save it to your computer. Wish you success and have interesting ringtones