Novo Ecosystem: Interactive flat panel displays and Wireless and Collaborative Presentation Solution

Worldwide, the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted all levels of society. People in many countries are avoiding crowds and public transport while paying closer attention to personal hygiene. The working patterns around the world having changed notably since March, physical barriers such as transparent shields are being set up to separate employees and visitors to prevent people from breaking social distancing regulations in reception and communal seating areas.

On the other hand, many employees have been asked to work remotely where possible. In an attempt to get back to business as usual, governments around the world have experienced varying success in implementing policies to resolve the crisis in a coordinated manner. One particular focus has been on implementing innovative approaches such as digital technologies in the workplace.

The reopening of corporate environments in many countries has been met with social distancing measures affecting meeting habits, with companies preferring to avoid large gatherings and utilize video conferencing instead of face-to-face meetings. With this in mind, the key problem companies face is how to deal with these changes while keeping meetings efficient.

Novo Ecosystem Wireless and Collaborative Presentation Solution Embrace the new working patterns while keeping meeting efficiency

The challenges faced by enterprises welcoming employees back to work include reducing the size of group meetings, maintaining social distancing, and minimizing contact between people. To ensure that the requirements of new health protocols can be met with ease, Vivitek’s solutions can provide greater safety for both workers and visitors.

In particular, the Novo Ecosystem includes the NovoConnect and NovoDS systems, which are a powerful solution for maintaining efficiency in conveying information, whether in conference rooms, meeting areas, or corporate lobbies. NovoConnect includes interactive flat panel displays, NovoTouch and wireless presentation systems, Novo devices. These displays can provide wireless screen sharing from any device, facilitating group work with whiteboard annotation features and screen mirroring.

Welcoming employees back with safe working environment Innovative Collaboration and Presentation Solution. The NovoConnect wireless presentation system is a cost-effective, user-friendly solution that makes collaboration easier and meetings more engaging.

Perhaps most importantly, it is simple and easy to connect to. Its cable-free design lets users get started almost immediately, and its cross-platform screen mirroring allows content to be shared from practically any device. It enhances discussion and collaboration by allowing up to 4 screens to share simultaneously, with up to 64 participants able to connect instantly. Key features include real-time digital annotation and intuitive highlighting, immediate wireless file-sharing, and admin moderation.

Primarily intended for use in announcement board applications, Vivitek’s NovoDS is easy-to-use network-based digital signage solution that is ideal for creating dynamic displays. It allows companies to install NovoDisplay non-touch panels, which equipped NovoDS system, in open spaces such as lobbies or corridors as a multimedia display, including critical health messages to help promote safety in the face of the current pandemic. They can also be utilized to transform conventional group meetings by providing a means for people to participate via the built-in NovoConnect system.

For the touch panel, the interactive flat panel display allows users to install the video conferencing app of their choice so that they can communicate with employees in different locations, whether at home or in other offices or departments. It facilitates communication between employees in the workplace and remote workers, allowing them to take notes directly on-screen and share them immediately with colleagues.

Furthermore, the NT Live feature of Vivitek’s interactive flat panel display further facilitates collaboration in workplace context. This allows users to mirror their screens from one NovoTouch to another Novo panel via LAN or Wi-Fi either NovoTouch or NovoDisplay.