Offsite Record Storage And Its Benefits

As a business, you have enormous data that needs to be carefully managed. This includes electronic records as well as storage areas for all your paper records. Complying with government record retention requirements too can be quite a cumbersome task.

There are not one but several highly crucial reasons that point towards the need of embracing an offsite record management service with open arms. Be it about accidental destruction due to natural disasters, freeing up your office space or data thefts and leakage, a professional record storage and management system will guarantee full proof protection of your precious business data.

Offsite Records Storage and its benefits

Here’s a look at some of the reasons why your business needs offsite record storage.

Save Valuable Office Space – You need to retain business paper documents for a minimum tenure of seven years. Some businesses hold on to it even for the lifetime. Imagine how cumbersome it would be to accommodate all those papers onsite. How much of office space will you block?  Besides in case of onsite storage, you need to sort out the papers manually eating up so much of your man hours.

An offsite storage management service ensures safety of your business records making them available online and offloads your onsite record storage.

Highly secure storage of documents-

Business records include highly confidential and proprietary information. Onsite security of sensitive data often leads to access of this information to employees or competitors resulting in data breaches and theft. When you use offsite record management services, you can be assured of only authorized access of your documents. Offsite record storage also offers protection against any natural disasters and catastrophes.

Easy Record Retrieval –

Offsite record management is a highly systematized process. All records are categorized, catalogued and issued a bar code to identify the contents of that particular file. So retrieving a document is easy. This information is added to an office storage company’s database which makes it easy to search for needed records. This is highly impossible in case of manual access of data from a huge pile of records in an onsite set up.

 Prevent Data Loss – As a business you need to brace yourself for any data disaster. Data related mishaps can be natural calamities like earthquakes, unanticipated incidents like fires, and any massive power outage or virus attacks. Offsite record management includes cloud storage and backups of your precious and sensitive data to help in easy data recovery in case of any such unforeseen conditions.

 Compliance Guarantee- When it comes to data, you need to abide by the laws that regulate secure data management and accessibility as it involves employee as well as customer privacy. Businesses often have specific legal retention guidelines and paper records need to be maintained for certain duration before they can be destroyed.

Offsite record management helps businesses align to all such compliance guidelines easily and saves the unnecessary hassle. Business verticals as healthcare, finance and legal specially have records that need to be maintained and stored in a highly confidential manner. Here, offsite record management comes across as a smart and superior option rather than self storage.

It’s quite clear that offsite record storage is a far more superior and safe option as compared to storing business documents at your office or any temporary storage unit.

There are several record storage solutions to choose from but not all of these document storage facilities offer high tech, personalized service with sensible pricing as DoxandBox.

So, if you are on a look out for low cost and secure onsite storage, DoxandBox is the answer to all your worries. DoxandBox offers easy and pocket friendly record storage and management services. Access your records at the click of a button using the web portal and other inventory management tools.

Also, with DoxandBox’s highly secure record storage you not only free up your office space, but also have the peace of mind with your confidential and sensitive records stored in a secured and controlled environment. All this makes the chances of data breach almost negligible.

 DoxandBox’s offsite record storage offers a host of benefits that include –

  • Saving Space and Money – Store your valuable business records in our secure facility and free up your office space. No more fear of data being stolen from onsite storage units!
  • Compliance – DoxandBox’s high technology software and inventory tracking tools ensure you comply with all the regulatory and legal requirements.
  • Offsite data backup – Offsite data backup is about replication of business data on to a server that is separated geographically from the production site. Back up is done using direct access or over Wide Area Network (WAN). With Doxandbox you can rest assured that your valuable data cannot be destroyed in case of any mishap and is backed up automatically.
  • Super easy accessibility – Our web portal and smart inventory tools make accessing your records super fast and easy. Get electronic accesses to your data for super fast viewing!

 Quick and Convenient – We have astute courier services that offer speedy delivery turnaround times.

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