Best Oil and Gas Courses Institutes In Abu Dhabi, UAE


When you think of oil and gas, you may not think of Dubai, or the Middle East as a location for these types of courses. However, that is changing. With the recent turmoil in the Middle East, there are increased efforts by multinational companies to gain a better understanding of the market from an international perspective, and the UAE seems like a logical place to do it.

There are currently five oil exploration and extraction companies operating in the UAE. They include Enron, Schlumberger, Hunt Petroleum Corporation, recoverable helium producer Faskad, and the Abu Dhabi Investment Corporation (ADIC). These companies have experience and expertise in all aspects of oil and gas, including gas and steam turbines. They are looking for talented and skilled personnel to help them discover new areas for exploration and to find and extract reserves of oil and gas in countries throughout the Middle East.

If you have an interest in this type of work and would like to relocate to the UAE, you can take courses at any of the partner companies or get an online program through the ADIC. You will have to complete your studies at one of their locations, usually in Dubai or another Middle Eastern city. The courses offered are very comprehensive, covering subjects such as geology and surveying, as well as economics, business administration, chemistry, and biology.

The Abu Dhabi Institute of Transport and Logistics (ADITL) offers a six-month oil and gas course that will help you prepare for the role of an apprentice for a specialist oil and gas company. You will learn about the technical aspects of operating a drilling and production unit. This program also helps you to plan and manage projects, as well as project management. Upon completion of the program, you will be able to work as a manager in the field.

If you already live in the UAE and are planning a career in this particular field, then there are several oil and gas courses in Dubai that you can consider. At Gold Coast University, you can choose between a diploma program and an associate degree in the discipline. The diploma program is designed to help you get a practical grounding in working as a petroleum technologist. However, the program does not incorporate any courses on global sustainability, environmental policy, or the economic or financial impacts of exploration and production.

The Abu Dhabi National oil company has a number of programs that you can consider. At, you can pursue a four-year bachelor’s degree in oil and gas. As part of the program, you will learn the basics of oil and gas extraction and how it is carried out. This is followed by a four-year master’s degree, which covers topics such as geology, finance, and accounting. Your bachelor’s and master’s degrees will help you qualify for jobs in the oil and gas sector in Abu Dhabi.