One of the most valuable antique Superman collectibles: Action Comics #1

A copy of Action Comics #1 sold for 195,000 US dollars in 2006. Quite expensive for a comic book.

It has become so expensive due to the fact that this particular issue features the first appearance of Superman.

As a landmark comic book and the first-ever superhero in comics, Action Comics #1 is one of the most valuable comic books out there, not just in the realm of Superman collectibles.

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Action Comics #1 basically led the whole book industry into becoming what it is. These days, superhero-themed comic books are no longer the status quo, with other types of comics genres also dominating the realm.

Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster co-created the comic in 1938, which was written and illustrated by Superman creator Jerry Siegel. DC Comics Action Comics #1 led to the development of other superhero characters with Green Lantern and Batman becoming the most notable characters. Among the most important antique Superman collectibles, Action Comics #1, Marvel Comics’ Avengers, Spider-Man, The Fantastic Four, and Uncanny X-Men were basically followed after.

“Action Comics #1 essentially focuses on Superman for 12 pages. The whole concept behind the “secret identity” was introduced as early as with this issue, as well as the presence of Lois Lane, a major character in the storyline. The issue didn’t exactly portray the Super Hero as how the world has come to know him. He was described as “faster than a speeding locomotive”, and not “faster than a speeding bullet”. He didn’t actually fly, but rather was strong enough to leap over buildings. The whole, “Look up in the sky!” “It’s a bird!” It’s a plane!” It’s Superman!” came after the initial introduction of Superman.

action comic 1

Collectors’ items are quite valued, which is understandable. Antique collectibles, as well as the various related merchandise that came after the popularity of the franchise, rank high when discussing Superman #1.

There are several different kinds of antiquarian Superman collectibles to choose from including outfits, mugs, board games, comics, and other items. When talking about Collectibles, Action Comics #1 truly stands to be the most valuable around.