Farmers Are Preferring Online Purchasing Of Seeds During This Lockdown

While the lockdown confined most of the population in its home, it also brought us closer to e-commerce and various other online services. It also impacted the buying habits of our farmers and a spike in seeds online shopping was noticed. Having said that, it should also be noted that farmers have been buying products from online platforms since pre-covid times.

However, it should be said that the pandemic compelled a large number of them to place the order online since the shops were closed. For most of the farmers, it worked like a blessing in disguise as they came to know that there were missing so many benefits earlier.

How many farmers were buying seeds and other farming products online before the pandemic?

If you look at the number, you may get surprised, because a large number of farmers had already started to buy seeds, pesticides, and fertilizers from e-commerce platforms. A common belief is that most of the farmers are located in rural areas and they don’t get access to smartphones and the internet.

While this aphorism cannot be totally denied, it should also be considered that both technologies are making their way into the rural areas now. Besides that, there are many farming lands situated at the outskirts of urban areas that have good connectivity of internet. At those locations, farmers are able to choose the most appropriate product or after doing thorough research.

Today, farmers are open to more ideas and are more educated than before. They know how to choose the best options for them and they do it after procuring full information about the product. Also, they are able to save their time and make the soundest decision for their farming. Farmers have become smarter these days and they use everything piece of data to get better at their work.

Will the farmers stop buying seeds online once the pandemic is fully over?

Considering the response of the farmers, we can say that they are going to stick with online purchasing agricultural products. That’s because they’re able to get many benefits that remain exclusive to the digital platforms. To purchase high-quality seeds, and other essentials, many farmers had to traverse faraway places. Now, they are able to get it on their doorsteps without making the payment in advance.

Moreover, they procure these items at a discounted price and save a lot of money on bulk orders. Another thing is the availability of many high-quality products in one place. Usually, in the physical stores, there are a few options and the prices are always high. On the online platforms, this gets changes and users are able to get their items at a cheaper price with plenty of options.

The overall benefits of online purchasing are not hidden from farmers anymore. They know that they are saving lots of costs and getting products of reliable quality. Also, when you have so many options, it is easier for you to choose them after doing a thorough comparison. When you do that, you are able to do smart shopping that never fails to give you the right results.

How to choose the right platform for buying seeds online?

The growing digitisation has enabled us to do many things. It has given us ways to express our experience about a particular product or service. Also, it helps us make the right decisions about everything and helps us deliver better service. And in case something goes wrong, you can make your concern public right then and get it addressed. You can get things going at an impressive speed and make your yield very prolific.

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For making the most of such platforms, it is a must that you do thorough searching and compare them with each other on different parameters. When you do that, you get the best products for your farm and turn your field into a money-spinner. To make all of this possible, it is very important that you choose the website or mobile app. You need to ensure that the service provider is doing his best to give you great results.

Before you finalize any product, it is a must that you read the comments and reviews of its existing customers. This gives you a clear idea about the kind of service that they are providing. Also, you should be able to able to list out a few products that can be more advantageous to you. While doing that, it is essential that you do some research and see which seed brand is giving the most satisfactory results to farmers.

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