Online tools that make distant-learning more efficient

In a world where everything is now operating remotely, it’s difficult to keep your focus on your growth, learning, and development. Thanks to online classes, students are overwhelmed with an abundant amount of assignments now more than ever. In the absence of physical examination due to the COVID-19 pandemic, teachers are assessing students on how well they perform at assignments, thus, resulting in a high number of assignments on a daily basis.

But the real question is: Is this strategy really effective in terms of student’s learning and growth? Well, it’s hard to tell. While distant learning offers flexibility and comfort, it also keeps students away from indulging in physical engagement with fellow classmates and teachers. Which is, in fact, crucial for students’ personality devolvement. Apart from this, distance education can also urge a student to get the service of an online essay writers UK so that they can get the best possible grade!

Agree or not, but the year 2020 has proved to be a metaphorical bomb thrown in the city of your learning. You have been displaced from your learning environments and physically isolated from your tribes. But once again, technology came to the rescue, as many institutions are now striving to get digitally proficient by incorporating new tools for learning meant to fill that gap.

Some of these tools existed before, but they burst out in popularity in recent years, especially during a pandemic. You can use these tools to make learning more efficient. And if nothing else works, you can always refer to cheap online essay writers UK from a reliable company such as British Essay writing.

Anyways, here are some online tools that can help make your learning more efficient:

Apps for efficient reading:

There’s no denying that reading helps us learn many things; we often find sources of inspiration and knowledge from books. But with so many options at hand, it might be challenging to identify the perfect books you should read. Of course, you wouldn’t want to invest your time in reading a book only to find in mid-way that it doesn’t address what you need.

To save you from this trouble, we have identified an app that can come in handy in identifying a perfect read according to your preferences. The app called “Blinkist.” This app picks books and summarizes them in a short series of audio snippets known as blink, making it easier to listen to and choose the best pick. The app is compatible with both android and iOS devices.

Online courses

If you think your learning has reached a stagnant state, try enrolling in different online courses. These courses are short, simple, and easily digestible and can help you come out from that stationary zone of learning. Besides, you may also be awarded a certificate on completion of these courses. And you surely wouldn’t mind an extra line in your resume, right? Here are some apps which you can refer to for online courses:


It is an app and a site that offers online video lectures on a diverse range of subjects. The majority of lectures available at this site are mostly inclined towards professional and personal devolvement. Just like Udemy, there are many freelance essay writers UK who can also teach writing in a professional manner.


This is another excellent tool for learning and gathering information while also getting certificates in the process. Unlike demy, Coursera is more geared towards academics. Whether you want to learn some new marketing skills or excelling the existing ones, Coursera is the place you should go for! In exchange for a reasonable fee, the app provides you with a certificate that attests that you’ve completed the course.

Hopefully, these above tools may help you in your quest for knowledge and more efficient education. Best of luck!