Origin and Facts About Anarkali Suits


Anarkali suits first became popular during the ancient Mughal empire. It derived its name from the beautiful Anarkali, a Mughal courtesan. The floor-length kurtas that Anarkali wore, gave birth to the modern-day Anarkali suits or Anarkali dress.

Anarkali is also known for her undying love for Prince Salim, who later was known an Emperor Jahangir. Salim was bedazzled with the grace and looks of Anarkali and fell in love with her. But Akbar never accepted their relationship and a wall was built around her while she was still alive.

We got to realise the beauty of the dress after the Bollywood diva Madhubala wore it in the movie Mughl-E-Azam. Women loved how the dress highlighted the high points and hid the flaws of a female body, and without much ado, this became the favourite of the women.

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How the Anarkali Dress Came to Fashion?

Partywear Anarkalis are currently liked by a great number of women, and it dominates the fashion industry as the most-favoured Indian ethnic party wear. It has the perfect balance of grace, ethnicity and modernity. Anarkali dresses are designed either on silk, net, satin, georgette, velvet, cotton and such fabrics. Some of the Anarkali dress styles are seen with embellishments, sequins, lace work, intricate embroidery, patchwork and so on.

Types of Anarkali Designs

Though the basic Anarkali design remains the same, there are a number of variations to it. Let’s read below a few deets about some of the variations.

Lehenga-Style Anarkali Suit

A lehenga-style Anarkali suit is influenced by the dress worn by the Royals. This has a flared kameez top that touches the ground, and doesn’t really require a separate salwar or trouser bottoms. The wedding Anarkali dress is one such outfit.

Overcoat Anarkali Suit

An overcoat atop a kameez adds sophistication, grace and obviously a twist to your outfit. The style of wearing a body-hugging coat with a deep neck over a kameez goes a long way back.

Over-Layer Style Anarkali Suit

Layering is fun and super-stylish. Over-layer styles in a flared pattern on long sleek Anarkali suits look great and classy. One can wear a single-coloured kameez and over layer it with a long jacket. Embroidered over-layer styles are look great during weddings and other family functions.

Jacket-Style Anarkali Suit

Probably the most favourable design would that be a jacket-styled Anarkali Suit. An embellished jacket is a great pair for Anarkalis. You can easily ditch the necklace and dupatta if you are going for this style.

Anarkali Dress with Asymmetrical Cuts

Anarkali dresses with asymmetrical cuts are ruling the fashion world. You can either go for the mono-coloured, solid ones or the quirky printed ones. The Indo-ethnic ones even look great on parties and get-togethers.

Benefits of Buying Anarkali Suits Online

Buying Anarkali dresses online mean you get to browse a number of designs, you get to see the fall of the dresses, and also how it will look when someone is wearing it. You also get to choose between an ethnic one and a modern asymmetric one.

The Anarkali Suit online are made available in a number of fabrics. The fabric remains explained in the product description box. Check out the box and choose the one wisely that suffices your requirements.

You get to choose from a variety of colour choices. From blacks and blues and greys, reds, yellows and pastel shades, online E-commerce platforms like Like A Diva have Anarkalis in all possible shades.

You won’t be confused with suit length because you get to see the model wear it. You also have a height guide referring to which you can measure yourself and buy the one that you feel will suit you the best.

Anarkali suits help you to play around because those have a simple, comfortable, and breezy cut and fall. Full-length embellished Anarkali dresses are a major hit with women, especially the ones who are not very confident with Sarees.

And the best part, Anarkali suits can you worn to work places to weddings. You can choose one depending upon your requirement. Anarkali suits are even preferred by many brides. While the brides prefer it because of its glamour quotient and royal look, working women like it better because of its style quotient and that it looks aesthetically beautiful.

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