Essential Points About Paddlewheel Flow Sensor


A paddlewheel flow sensor is one of the best devices in the industry. If you need average metering accuracy, then this meter is for you. It is a good option where the cost is given a priority. Do you wish to know the essentials of a peddle switch? Well, this guide has got you covered. These are some of the crucial points about the paddlewheel flow sensor.

Cost of accuracy

If you wish for higher accuracy, be ready to spend good cash. Paddle sensors have excellent accuracy when compared to other meters. They come with various high tech designs to ensure you get the desired results. But, despite the superb accuracy recorded by this device, the fixing variables can affect its working.
Paddlewheel sensors have gone against the norms that the cost of accuracy has to be high. They are very affordable and have reliable accuracy in many industries. Also, with advanced technology, you get an accuracy range of ±1%.

Ease of installation

You can install a paddle sensor in many ways, like vertical and horizontal. That’s done with the flow in either direction, which does not alter the sensor’s working. These meters can be bought full with a sensor, in-line, and digital display fixed into a tube system. But, with an existing large pipe, you can purchase one with saddle mount pipe fitting. 

Battery or AC operated.

The paddlewheel meter can use two types of power. There are the ancient ones that need electric connection. People are familiar with these since they have existed for a long time. These meters will need an AC/DA power source. Thus, you will need a transformer to operate.

The other type uses a new solid-state circuitry that can work on primary cells; hence there is no need for electrical links. The high tech has helped a lot in making cells that can last for the entire year. There is no harm to the factory settings if you replace your cell. These sensors have batch process control, remote readouts, and analog output signs. When selecting any of the two power source types, consider the flexibility it offers. 

They are Versatile

These devices are trendy, and they are worth investing in. They work well with viscous fluids as long as there is a fully developed turbulent flow profile. The most significant merit of this meter is that changes in fluid’s specific gravity cannot alter it. There is no need for special readings. People like using the paddlewheel flow sensor since it can have a remote readout. It can permit the panel to fix readout to be mounted in the set area. The actual sensor is mounted in the right place, and the digital display can be remotely located in the desired position.


A paddle spins at a speed that is the same as that of the flow rate. That makes the paddle and axle wear out quickly. Did you know that meters run at the high end tend to wear more than units run at the low end? Since fluids have varied traits, making them hard to estimate the life span of these parts.

If you are using your paddle switch with clean fluids, you may space out the maintenance frequency. But if your fluid has particles or impurities, you will need regular servicing. It is similar if the fluid has some corrosive properties.
The need for regular maintenance should not make you shun using the flow meter. Check the other benefits. If they outweigh the disadvantages, you can buy the meter.

Final Words

paddle wheel flow sensor is straightforward to mount. It can gauge flow in either direction and serve the desired work of calculating flow. There are many crucial points about a paddle switch, but the above ones are the most common points. You can also look for other topics in case you need more facts about this meter.

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