Phil and Teds Dot Review

Strange seating leaves second child without space or visibility. In this article about Phil and Teds Dot. We wanted to like this stroller when we first saw it, but after testing, we became disenchanted feeling that it is sort of cool, but not quite there. This stroller is difficult to use, requires the removal of the rumble seat to fold, and lacks some of the conveniences parents are likely to expect on a double stroller. In short, we feel this stroller could use a little improvement in design with a design that left us disappointed.



The seat does not have a leg rest as it comes to an abrupt stop leaving legs to dangle and only children of a certain height will be able to reach the footrest. Also, because the seat bottom and back are stationary, as opposed to pivoting where the two connect, reclining tilts the entire seat back. This design results in a baby’s legs sticking up into the air or hanging off the end of the seat.


The Dot managed a 7 of 10 for maneuverability, which is nothing to sneeze at. While you may have trouble figuring out where to put children in this stroller, you certainly won’t have too much trouble pushing them. The Dot has a three-wheel design and puncture proof tires that are not plastic.

This stroller is compact and fits almost anywhere. On hard flat surfaces, it pushes and navigates tight spots well which is great for city dwellers. When you get off the flat path and onto grass and gravel, the Dot didn’t perform well despite the trike design and rubber tires. We were able to push it through grass and over gravel, but it doesn’t manage rougher surfaces as well as strollers with pneumatic tires.

Weight and Folded Size

Phil and Teds pitch this stroller as compact and lightweight, and it is below average for both weight and folded size compared to the competition we tested. The Dot receives a 7 of 10 with a weight of 30.9 lbs using both seats which is below the average of 32 for the group. The folded size is 12,931 cubic inches which is much smaller than the majority of products with some measuring over 29,000 cubic inches. However, keep in mind that you must remove the second seat to fold so you’ll have two parts instead of one.


What the Dot lacks in functionality it makes up for in quality with a 7 of 10. The fabric has a nice feel, and the padding is more than adequate. The seats are thermo-molded and feel durable. The frame is simple without a lot of connectors and plastic parts. The wheels are also simple and look nice. Overall, the parts give the stroller a good fit and finish. Visit abestbabystrollers