Physical Therapy Exercises in Philadelphia

How Special Exercises Can Help You Heal and Even Prevent Sports Injuries

Having a torn Achilles is most common in folks who enjoy participating in recreational sports. If you have this injury you may feel intense pain in the back of your lower leg or heel and it could be accompanied by swelling. If the tendon tears completely all at once you might even hear or feel a pop when it happens. If it is a complete tear surgery followed by physical therapy is likely to be the only suitable answer. If you find that you need Achilles heel injury physical therapy in Philadelphia, consider visiting Petroski Physiotherapy and Performance.


Your ability to walk is heavily dependent on your Achilles tendon. Increased levels of walking or jumping, falling from a height and stepping in a hole are the most common ways that you can tear your Achilles tendon.


Risk factors for tearing an Achilles tendon:


  • Age: people over 40
  • Sex: men are more likely than women to have this injury
  • Participation in recreational sports
  • Steroid injections
  • Antibiotic use
  • Obesity

Achilles Heel Injury Physical Therapy in Philadelphia

If you play recreational sports in the Philadelphia area, did you know that you can use Achilles heel injury physical therapy in Philadelphia in order to prevent having an Achilles tendon injury? If you would like to learn more about Achilles heel injury physical therapy in Philadelphia, contact Petroski Physio today!

Core Injuries and Physical Therapy

Having a strong core is the center of balance and it is where a lot of needed strength for so many movements comes from. If you have weakened core muscles due to injury, illness or immobility it will eat away at your ability to move in many ways. If you play sports a core injury could sideline you for a significant length of time so that you can recover. It is also very possible for weakened core muscles to put you at risk of having injuries to other parts of your body as you try to compensate for this weakness. One way to handle this problem or even prevent it in the first place is by learning physical therapy core exercises.

Physical Therapy Core Exercises in Philadelphia

If you are interested in learning physical therapy core exercises in Philadelphia, contact Petroski Physio, the premiere physical therapy specialists in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. You can visit Petroski Physiotherapy and Performance online or in person at 12285 McNulty RD. Philadelphia, PA, 19154 or call (215) 576-4796 and discover how they can help you get started strengthening your core muscles today!


Skilled physical therapists at Petroski Physio can teach you physical therapy core exercises in Philadelphia that you can use at home to help you strengthen your core and prevent injuries every day.


If you are an amateur or professional athlete near Philadelphia, consider physical therapy core exercises in Philadelphia by Petroski Physio to help you prevent experiencing injuries as well as helping you to up you performance and gain an edge over competitors.