How to get Pie Boxes at a Wholesale rate?

How to get Pie Boxes at a Wholesale rate?

Orchard packaging offers packaging services to its customers 24/7 throughout the year. The team of officials is specially trained to give our customers full guidance over any matter that they fit to ask regarding the packaging of products. Pie boxes are provided by our company with full designing assistance from our designing team without any designing cost or charger. This team of officials incorporates all the best ideas together to make the packaging the best version of the vision of the business owner. Wholesale Pie Boxes are offered to our customers without the shipment charges, lamination, and die-cut cost. This makes the sour company the best choice for the packaging of pies. The Pie Boxes in Bulk are made to give each slice custom space, as well as the whole boxes, also provide the custom space to the whole pie. We also offer our registered customers promotional discount codes and coupons that when avail marginally lessen the cost of packaging. To avail of those benefits visit the website of Orchard Packaging and get the whole information on the wholesale discounts on packaging provided by us.

Get amazing designs for Pie Slice Boxes

Pies that primarily constitute the grain floor that is then cooked with the incorporation of a variety of ingredients that gives it a specific taste. Pie boxes are available in a variety of styles to accommodate all types of pies and that are, tuck end boxes, front tuck boxes, reverse tuck boxes, auto bottom lockboxes, double-wall trays with sleeves boxes, and many others. The Wholesale Pie Boxes are being made in these custom designs that provide efficient packaging for the pies at very cheaper prices. The packaging is done in innovative patterns and packaging that is done by incorporating the techniques of embossing, foiling, debossing, and many others. Pie slice boxes give the custom packaging space to store each slice and transport it across long distances without any harm.

Pie Boxes

Select your products with extraordinary packaging

Pies are made with the incorporation of different ingredients that translate into a rich taste. The packaging for the pies is also made in a variety of designs to accommodate all types of consumers as well as the manufacturers. Wholesale Pie Boxes give the pie a custom selected space and design. Packaging is the very crucial step of any fast food business and if the business and done right gives the business an exponential benefit. Packaging has now become the representation of a specific brand and consumers can get the item just by looking at the package. Pie Slice Boxes with the custom display are consumer-friendly also give the package an interesting look. This interest highlights the product and enhances the display. Orchard packaging provides Pie Boxes made in custom quality design gives it an extraordinary display that entices the consumers.

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Effects of Wholesale Pie Boxes

Pie boxes manufactured at the Orchard Packaging has a strong mark in the market. The fast-food business is now filled with several manufacturers that have a specific type of consumer chain. To make the business extremely profitable, you’ve to take into account the needs of the consumers and deliver according to that. Wholesale Pie Boxes offered by our company are most cost-effective along with quality maintenance. We offer the best styles and designs of pie packaging at these wholesale prices. Boxes for pies are made in a variety of shapes such as rectangular boxes, Pie Slice Boxes, and square shapes. These packaging options available at wholesale prices work in the best interest of the manufacturers as they are most cost-effective. The low pricing of packaging services elevates the profit margin of any product and makes the business successful.

Wholesale Pie Boxes

Why us?

Orchard Packaging provides the best pie boxes that accommodate pies of all kinds, types, and sizes by providing custom expert assisted packaging. Pies are sold as a whole or even in the form of slices. We offer a variety of packaging containers for the pies that are accommodated according to the demand of manufacturers and target audience. Pie slice boxes are made in the 3Dtriangle shape with clean-cut edges. This gives the package a wholesome and unique look. Custom Boxes Wholesale along with the custom designing and packaging are being offered by our company. These wholesale prices are unanimously individualized as well as reliable. We provide efficient customer care that is available 24/7 to answer any queries regarding the designing of packages as well as the design.