Pink Diamond Engagement Rings- So Rare And Precious

Do you recognize that rubies can be found in a variety of colors ranging from traditional white to the rarest black? Yes, you obtain rubies in all tones of grey, blue, pink, yellow, and also purple. The interstitial pollutants and also structural issues cause pigmentation in rubies.

Of all these, the pink rubies are the rarest treasures beside red rubies. They are undeniably alluring as well as exquisite. They have been adorned by royalty as well as are currently purchased from by the abundant as well as influential.

The price of pink diamonds is estimated to be 20 times costlier than white diamonds. They are graded based upon their shade strength and also this shows in the cost too.

How does a pink diamond get its shade? Where are they discovered? Do you understand some interesting realities on pink diamonds? We answer your inquiries right here Engagement Ring Phoenix.

How does a pink ruby obtain its shade?

While it is still unclear about the source of color, it is believed that pink rubies get their color due to the immense pressure they withstand under the earth’s surface area.

What shade tones do the pink diamonds have?

The pink diamonds occur in shades varying from brown-pink to purple-pink. Some pink diamonds have orange hues also. The suitable pink diamond exhibits pure pink color. A brilliant pink diamond is better than a light pink ruby. Yet there are other residential properties like quality, cut, as well as carat weight that determine the general value Salt And Pepper Diamond.

Where are the pink diamonds discovered?

The pink rubies were first found in the Kollur Mine of India. They were after that extracted from the Minas Gerais region of Brazil. Today, 80% of the pink diamonds originate from Argyle mine in Kimberley, Australia.

Why are the pink diamonds classified as Type IIa rubies?

Pink diamonds form under extreme stress for longer time durations. They have no nitrogen contaminants that cause a yellow or brownish color. The color strength is split on a range from one to 9. 9 is the lightest shade in pink ruby and 1 is the darkest. The Argyle Mine has its pink diamond color classification system.

Which is the biggest pink ruby in the world?

The largest pink ruby on the planet is the Pink Star. Previously referred to as Steinmetz Pink, it weighs 59.60-carat weights and also is rated as the elegant vibrant pink color by the GIA. The Pink Celebrity is from the De Beers mine in South Africa. It was marketed to Chow Tai Fook Enterprises at an auction in 2017. The value for it was $71.2 million.

Is pink diamond expensive?

The cost of a pink diamond depends upon its color variation. The brown pink diamonds are economical, yet the purplish-pink diamonds are expensive. A half-carat pink ruby cost can vary from $50,000 to $100,000. It zooms to $500,000 and also above for a 2 carat stone.

What are some fascinating truths regarding pink diamonds?

Pink rubies were first discovered in India in the Kollur mine of Andhra Pradesh.

Currently, 80% of them stem from the Argyle mine in Kimberley, Australia. Out of the mine’s complete result, just 0.1% are identified as pink rubies.

The earliest well-known pink diamonds become part of the Iranian crown jewels.

Dr. John Williamson, a Canadian rock hound, gave a 23.6-carat pink ruby to Queen Elizabeth II.

Jennifer Lopez’s engagement ring from Ben Affleck is a 6.1-carat pink ruby engagement ring that is valued at $1.2 million.

David Beckham gifted his partner, Victoria Beckham, a pink sparkling wine ruby ring to celebrate her 30th birthday. Its worth was approximated to be $1.1 million.

Enrique Iglesias gifted his fiancé Anna Kournikova an awesome Argyle pear-shaped pink ruby ring. This 11-carat ring cost him 2.5 million bucks.

Should I purchase pink rubies?

Yes, you should buy pink diamonds due to the fact that they are rare. The pink rubies remain in less supply as well as are counted as Kind IIa. Natural pink rubies are chemically pure as well as incredibly uncommon. Pink diamonds over 10 carats bring a premium and also are marketed in public auction houses. Smaller sized pink diamonds can be sourced from local precious jewelry stores or purchased online. Demand GIA certificates when getting pink diamonds.

Where can I acquire a pink ruby involvement ring?

Pink rubies are unusual and also pricey. The majority of the precious jewelry stores do not equip it unless you have an interest in it. If you are searching for a pink involvement ring in Houston, you can approach any reliable jewelry shop as well as inquire about it. Be cautious while purchasing pink diamonds online. It is far better to source it from your regional fashion jewelry shop in Houston rather than buying it from untrusted resources online.


Pink ruby involvement rings make an effective statement of love and exclusivity. Select one for your companion as well as show them that your love goes beyond the universe. Isn’t it the best method to flatter your cherished?

So, will you present your partner a pink ruby interaction ring?