Piracy – An illegal act

The effects of piracy.

Piracy has always been a haunting dream for movie-makers who face losses of millions because of the piracy of their latest movies. Even though the movies are a super hit, the number of viewers and movie lovers is reducing. These piracy websites also affect television and digital entertainment sites like Netflix, Hotstar, Amazon Prime and those who stream movies online legally. These piracy sites are used worldwide despite numerous complaints from movie-makers. No actions can be taken against these piracy websites, as the cybercrime is unable to track and stop these sites. Because of which these illegal websites easily upload movies without governments’ fear. 

However, these illegal piracy sites have been a boon for several audiences. People can download high quality movies online for free, which forms a great source of entertainment for them. Among these websites, one of the websites is Kuttymovies, which provides free Tamil movies online.

Benefits of Kuttymovies.

Kuttymovies is an illegal piracy website which provides the latest and old Tamil movies online for free. It also provides Hindi dubbed versions of Tamil movies. Kuttymovies also leaks the latest English movies in Hindi as well as Tamil dubbed versions. Apart from Tamil movies and TV series, you can also find Telugu and Malayalam movies with Tamil dub. 

The website allows easy download of the latest movies with high definition picture quality. It provides a wide range of different genres of Tamil movies, latest and old, for every type of audience. Most of the latest Tamil and English movies and TV shows are uploaded on the site within a few days of the release date. Sometimes the content is even uploaded before the release date. The site is easily accessible from any electronic device having an internet connection, whether it is a mobile phone, laptop or computer. The site is in great competition with other big piracy websites like Tamilrockers and Movierulz. The growth in its popularity is because of the variety and quality of movies it provides. 

How do these illegal websites work?

To run such websites, people form a group of non-traceable people with hidden identities. This group of people runs the website from unknown locations. Initially, they upload popular short content to attract viewers. After engaging many users, they upload the entire content. After a few days of release itself, the pirated copies of the latest movies and TV series are uploaded on these sites. Initially, the picture quality is between 360p to 720p. In a few days, the HD-quality video will be released. The main source of income of these websites are advertisements. Such websites usually open with several advertisements for which they get paid. 

Steps taken by the Indian Government to stop these illegal websites.

Like many other countries, India has also banned piracy of movies and other TV shows. Kuttymovies has been banned from Google as per the laws of the Indian government. The other sites which are included in the list are Tamilrockers, Movierulz and 123movies. But the use of different domain extensions like .com, .uz, .pn, .it and many more enables them to leak pirated movies. The use of these domain extensions by the websites wastes the effort made by the government to stop them.

However, the Indian Government has taken several steps to eradicate piracy from our country. The government has brought the new Cinematograph Act which has been approved in 2019. As per the act, any person caught recording a movie without the written consent of the producer of the movie shall face consequences. Such person shall be imprisoned for up to 3 years or a fine of 10 lakh rupees shall be imposed on the culprit. Any person found supporting such an illegal practice, like uploading or circulating pirated copies through illegal websites, shall also be liable to jail.

Is downloading movies by Kuttymovies illegal and liable for punishment?

As for the Indian piracy laws, any person knowingly infringes or helps any other person in infringing and downloading any copyright movie from any illegal piracy site shall be considered a criminal act. If such a person is presented in front of court for any such offence, the latter shall assume that the act is done knowingly. The reason for such an assumption is that mostly the movie contains a watermark or a notice about the copyrighted content. If the person is found guilty for such an offence for the first time, the person shall be convicted to jail for a term of minimum six months to maximum three years. The person shall be liable for a fine between 50000 to 200000, depending upon the seriousness of the crime. 

Reliability and safety.

Downloading movies or watching movies online through Kuttymovies is illegal and considered a criminal offence. Moreover, the device you used to run this website shall be at risk. Your device can easily be hacked by such websites by hackers. If you are willing to protect the data of your device from such hacking, then you should avoid using such illegal websites.